The MeetYourTeam event: 19 ideas presented and 60 ideas seekers looking for projects to join!

It’s been a great moment for the RBS4Entrepreneurship participants to share their ideas with others, and potentially meet other co-founders to start working together to submit their projects for the incubation program.

What’s happened?

During the first part of the event, idea holders (whoever had an idea) got the possibility to present their idea in 90 seconds – very challenging-, telling the audience who they were looking for (skills, competencies).

The idea seekers, instead, have listened to the various presented projects and took notes about their favourite ones.

During the second part of the event, all the participants were free to move around virtual tables and have a chat, discussing about the idea and proposing themselves as new team members.

The Remo platform recreated the environment of an on-site event, letting people from all over the world to work together as if they were in the same room!

19 ideas were presented, from very international students – we were covering different time-zones and geographical area, from Asia to America.

More than 60 idea seekers were looking for projects to join – we laid the foundation to innovate together!

Can’t wait to see all the projects submitted – you still have time to find co-founders and submit your project, you have time until January the 14th!

Here some comments from the students, from the chat & from our interactions:

“Thank you Susana and Florinda and even all the participants for sharing experiences and ideas”

“Great Event, awesome people and exciting projects! We had a lot of fun! Greetings from the NFT sisters ;)”
“great morning with a lot of inspirations!”
“it was the first time for me to present my idea in english, and in 90 seconds it was really challening! Has been fun, even seeeing people from all over the world sharing their projects!”

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