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Success Stories: Giulia's approach to the Fashion Industry

Giulia Marchi, a student from our Master in Fashion Management, was selected for an internship in the prestigious firm Luisa Via Roma, an extremely educational experience she tells us more about.

Rome, July 11th 2019,

Coming straight from Rome Business School’s Master in Fashion Management, and after a thorough selection process, our student Giulia Marchi was selected by the prestigious Italian fashion firm Luisa Via Roma for an internship position in the company’s buying team. Here’s her inspiring story on how she got there and how the time she spent in Rome Business School prepared her for this and a future career in this business.

  • Hi Giulia, and thank you for sharing your experience with us! First of all, we would like to ask you: which position do you hold at Luisa Via Roma and what are your duties?

I hold the position of buyer and I have to follow all the stages of the buying team’s work. I work with my colleague Elena and we form a team that is in charge of buying jewelry, watches, hair accessories, and sunglasses.

The main tasks are those of insert orders on Luisa Via Roma managing database with related descriptions and characteristics of the selected products, the choice of editorial photos to be published on e-commerce and the organization of editorial shootings that are arranged, in our case, in LVR photographic studio.

I usually collaborate
with the purchasing department and the administration department to check the
order confirmations of the goods that we purchase and to help them in solving
problems related to shipments and suppliers.

I am daily in contact
with the suppliers and with the support of Elena I use to control trend sales,
the positioning of our articles on the website and their partition in categories.

  • What was the selection process like and how did you prepare for it?

In January I started my research and I sent Curriculum Vitae to major fashion companies. After one month I received an email from Luisa Via Roma and one week later Francesca, buying team manager, interviewed me. It has been an “informal” and pleasant interview and I immediately felt at ease. I prepared myself for the interview following all the suggestions that I have learned during master lessons about this field and thanks to the career services’ help I have redone my Curriculum Vitae as well as possible.

  • How have you integrated at the firm? What is the working atmosphere like?

Even if it is only five months that I am working for Luisa Via Roma I can say that I integrated myself without any type of problems or obstacles. The firm is big and we are a large number of employees so it is almost impossible to know everyone but I started interacting with my closer colleagues (in terms of collaboration) from the beginning.

I think that this has been possible also because I consider myself open-minded and with a capacity of adaptation. We know that fashion is not an “easy” reality but in general, the atmosphere at Luisa Via Roma is quiet and pleasing. The majority of them are always willing, well prepared and team working people.

  • Do you feel better prepared to approach the employment market?

Yes, I think that Luisa Via Roma is a firm that could prepare young people to have a complete and concrete approach to the employment market; the company is part of a young, innovative and dynamic reality.

It is not my first working experience since the previous internship experience that I did was at Saint Laurent Florence headquarter, where I had a wonderful experience as back office pattern making but the position that I held it was not a complete, established working position so I was not able to consider myself inserted in the employment market.

  • Why did you choose Rome Business School?

I am a graduate in languages and literature and before starting this master course I only had one experience in the field of fashion, as already said, so I felt the need to learn more about this enormous and fascinating world of which I have always been very interested.

I looked for many master courses but in the end I chose this one for several reasons, such as the following: it could offer to me a general fashion knowledge because of the vastity of study topics, it could be a way to improve my English knowledge, it could be a way to know new people and a new city in my country, it had an affordable price for what it offered, and it was organized in a way that I could be able to continue to work in the meanwhile.

  • What were your expectations at the start of the Master in Fashion Management at Rome Business School? Are they being fulfilled?

My initial expectations, that I have completely fulfilled, were a lot such as: to learn new things, to have personal satisfaction, to feel comfortable with professors and students and to clarify my ideas related to my professional future career.

  • To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?

Yes sure, I would recommend Rome Business School to all those who like me after a completely different degree course desire to learn and to be prepared in something new related to another study path.

I also recommend this master on the basis of my personal experience that has been positive, encouraging, stimulating and gave me the possibility to know an almost new reality, new subjects, new themes, new approaches and new people from different countries and with different backgrounds.

Lastly, this fashion course has been fundamental in the support of this internship experience that I am doing.