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Company Visits: RBS students to CONI and Forum Music Village

Two more enriching on-field experiences for Rome Business School’s records of company visits

Rome – July 9th 2019

Last week two more exciting and long-awaited company visit took place in the always stunning framework of Rome.

First, our Sports & Lifestyle Management class had the unique chance to visit The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), the esteemed and renowned institution providing discipline, regulation and management of national sports activities, also responsible for the organization and strengthening of national sports and the promotion of maximum proliferation of sport.

From the Hall of Fame to the Marble Stadium, from the Sphere Fountain to the Mosaic Pool, the students underwent a complete tour of the institution’s facilities, learning everything about its history and its achievements.

Meanwhile, students from our Master in Arts & Culture Management were able to visit the majestic Forum Music Village, the most prestigious and best sounding recording studio in Italy, and in the select category of some of the highly most desired studios in the world.

Academy Award Winner Ennio Morricone, who founded the studio in 1969 has been using the studio to create his masterpieces for the past forty years, and the Forum has hosted many directors who have worked alongside him including Academy Award Winners Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone, and Barry Levinson. The Oscar-winning scores of “Il Postino” by Luiz Bacalov and “Life is Beautiful” by Nicola Piovani were also recorded there.

Now in its fourth decade, Forum Music Village is carrying forward its legacy with pride and commitment and the whole team keeps taking high Forum’s heritage through great artistic ventures. It’s no wonder that our students were amazed by such a culturally enriching experience.