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Company Visits: RBS Human Resources' students at Pavia & Ansaldo legal firm

An educational experience on employment laws in Italy.

Rome, July 15th 2019,

Rome Business School’s latest Company Visit proved to be once again an extremely educational experience; our International Human Resources Management students got the chance to visit one of Rome oldest and most prestigious legal firms: Pavia & Ansaldo.

An independent Italian law firm which has been operating in Italy and abroad for over 50 years, Pavia and Ansaldo now counts the remarkable number of 6 offices spread in the world: Rome, Milan, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tokyo and Barcelona, 22 specialised departments, 8 foreign desks and over 130 lawyers and other professionals dealing with all aspects of business law. The firm is also responsible for the publication of several books, manuals, and articles on various themes in the law sector.

Hosted by Dr. Emanuela Pozzi, a lawyer currently working at the firm, the visit was the ideal setting for an extremely informative discussion on employment laws in Italy. Dr. Pozzi also presented key insights into the laws that govern the employer-employee relationship in terms of contracts, maternity/ paternity leave, and terminations, providing our students with valuable information on delicate and crucial subjects that will surely turn out to be useful in their future professional paths.