Success Stories: Claudia’s amazing time at Castello di Volognano

Claudia Campos Ramirez, from our Master in Marketing & Communications, tells us all about her internship at the beautiful wine production company in Tuscany.

Rome, September 23rd 2019

One more Success Story by Rome Business School! Claudia Campos Ramirez, a student from our Master in Marketing & Communications, was selected for an internship at Castello di Volognano, a renowned wine production company located in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. We reached out to her to learn more about what she calls “an amazing experience”.

  • Hello Claudia! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. To start off, how did the opportunity with Castello Volognano arise?

It presented itself on a trip to Tuscany that we had with Rome Business School to the Castello di Volognano. I met the owner there and after spending one week on this amazing historic residence of the 11th century, she offered me to be part of the team and helped her as a Marketing and Communications professional to improve and develop the branding of the castle.

  • How would you describe the internship you did?

It has been AMAZING! Not just because of the breathtaking views and dream place where I work in (a vineyard in Tuscany) but also because of the entire information about wine and production that I had learned

  • How have you integrated at the firm? What is the working atmosphere like?

Great! Although it is a family business and sometimes the communication could be hard, the experience has been incredible.

  • What were your expectations at the start of the Master in Marketing & Communications at Rome Business School? Are they being fulfilled?

Totally, on knowledge acquired, experiences lived and an internship that allowed me to keep learning on my field and grow as a professional.

  • Did our career services play an important role in helping you find and land this opportunity?

Yes, they were in charge to make this internship happen.

  • To finish off, would you recommend Rome Business School? Why?

Yes, if you want to study in Rome with an international purpose and focus on growing on your professional field, Rome Business School is your choice.

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