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The benefits of a Corporate Partnership

Partnerships between companies and non-profit institution are well-known in the business world. But what are the actual benefits of establishing such a relationship between these entities? Find out in this article!

Rome, September 24th 2019

A company and a non-profit organization establish a partnership bringing mutual benefits to one another. That’s, in a few words, the essence of a Corporate Partnership. The company would provide the organization with funds through donations, facilitating its activities and projects and, in exchange, the non-profit entity would grant the company exposure and visibility.

But Corporate Partnerships are much more than mere sponsorship. Creating a good and lasting relationship with a business partner means boosting a company’s performance and significantly increasing its popularity and brand awareness.

There are several successful ways through which companies and organizations contribute to building a strong Corporate Partnership; some of these are, for instance, cause marketing, a dynamic that sees both entities joining forces for a social or environmental cause and getting in return visibility and funds (in the case of non-profits) and loyalty-building and customer retention (on the company’s side); event sponsorship, a way to create positive associations and links between the two realities in the form of an event dedicated to charity or humanitarian topics; and volunteering programs, designed to provide organizations with forces that can help them pursue and achieve their goals, while associating the name of the company providing volunteers to a noble cause.

A Corporate Partnership definitely brings several valuable benefits on both sides of it. A non-profit organization will, of course, obtain economic support and better access to resources and funds and an increase of visibility and awareness for their mission and the cause it works for. A company will, at the same time, experience an improvement of its public image and a larger media coverage, both useful ways to strengthen the brand, attracting potential new investors in the process thanks to the link between the company name and the cause supported by it.

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