Closing call on July 25 to submit your project and enter the Rome Business School incubation program

You’ve heard the inspiring startup stories of entrepreneurs, you’ve learned what the necessary steps to making your idea come to life are and you’ve practiced through our workshops, all inside the RBS4Entrepreneurship open program. Now it’s time to jump in the arena and submit your idea to the next phase of RBS4Entrepreneurship and join our 6 month incubation program.

Over the past three months, more than 30 teams have learned the knowledge needed to create a startup and are now ready to present their project. 

The students were able to learn the concepts needed to develop a startup, developing their idea through workshops on vertical topics such as the Business Model Canvas, validation, and fundraising strategies. They then focused on the vision to pursue and the value their products/services are able to generate for their customers. 

In the startup world, however, theory lessons are not enough; you also need the experience of those who have tried and failed over and over again until they got to the goal. That’s why some of the most famous startup entrepreneurs on the market were invited at RBS to share their successful experience.

The #MeetYourTeam event

Just a few weeks ago we held the #MeetYourTeam event. It’s been a great moment for the RBS4Entrepreneurship participants to share their ideas with others, and potentially meet co-founders to start working with and earn a spot in the incubation program.

During the first part of the event, idea holders got the possibility to present their idea in 90 seconds – very challenging- telling the audience who they were looking for in terms of skills and competencies. The idea seekers, on the other hand, listened and took notes about their favourite projects.

During the second part of the event, all the participants were free to move around virtual tables and have a chat, discussing about the idea and proposing themselves as new team members. The Remo platform recreated the environment of an on-site event, allowing for people from all over the world to work together as if they were in the same room!

Students joined the platform to present their idea, connected from different time-zones and geographical areas, from Asia to America.

One student told us: “It was the first time for me to present my idea in English, and in 90 seconds it was really challening! It has been fun, also seeing people from all over the world sharing their projects!”

Project Submission and Selection Day

Now is the time to perfect the project pitch and work as a team: you have until midnight on July 25 to submit your project and have a chance to qualify for the selection day and enter the RBS incubation program that will start in October and will guarantee the winners a prize of 10 thousand euros in services and the support of experienced mentors to best develop the projects. 

How will it work? 10 best projects will get to the selection day where they will pitch their idea in front of a jury of entrepreneurs, investors and startuppers. Only the five project the jury picks are then going to enter the incubation phase and further develop their idea to turn it into an MVP product, all thanks to the intesive and tailored mentoring Rome Business School provides together with a host of impressive guests from the startup world, and targeted workshops.

The jury that will announce the winners is composed of Antonio Ragusa, Founder and Dean of Rome Business School, Luca Tesauro, Founder & CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub, Francesco Salvatore, Head of Innovationdi Opinno Italy, Marco Rosci, CEO & Co-Founder of Epicode School, Carmen Martos Molina, Head of Career Services of EAE Business School Spain, Andrea Pietrini, Founder and Chairman of YOURgroup, Simona Sinesi, Founder and VP of Never Give Up, Valentina Primo, Founder of Startup Without Borders. 

And it will evaluate the teams based on four criteria:

  • Participation and commitment of the teams during the 3-month course in which the teams worked on their projects;
  • The innovative level of the idea presented,
  • The sustainability of the business in terms of whether it can become profitable and scalable over time;
  • The positive impact this idea will have on society.

DEADLINE IS JULY 25TH AT MIDNIGHT. Don’t miss the chance to build your startup! Submit your idea here!

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