Coca-Cola HBC Italia supports youth talents through Academic Excellence Scholarships to be awarded to top RBS Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane students

  • Merit scholarships covering the entire Master’s program will be awarded to the most outstanding students, chosen by an evaluation committee composed of RBS and Coca-Cola HBC Italia;
  • Nine managers from Coca-Cola HBC Italia teach specific courses within the Master’s program on human resources topics;
  • The Master brings real business into the classroom: lessons are based on business case studies and are inspired by the day-to-day operation of the human resources department of one of the world’s largest multinationals;
  • The Master’s program also includes opportunities such as: Individual Coaching, Leadership Program, International Bootcamps, the Career Accelerator Program, and the RBS4Entrepreneurship Program;
  • RBS once again demonstrates that it is bringing academia and the world of work ever closer together.

A committee composed of Rome Business School and Managers from Coca-Cola HBC Italy will award merit scholarships to the most outstanding students of the Executive Master’s Degree in Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane intake April 2022 to cover the tuition of the Master’s degree in full. The 9 Managers of Coca-Cola HBC Italia, part of the Master’s faculty will contribute to the development of talented, leaders of tomorrow. Merit scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the student’s overall academic performance, assessed by the results of tests, exams and projects, as well as the level of active participation demonstrated in the Master’s course.

Not only that, thanks to the presence of as many as 9 Managers of Coca-Cola HBC Italy within the teaching staff, students from the very first lesson will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily corporate life of one of the world’s leading multinationals, to acquire through case studies and classroom debate the key skills and competencies of an HR, based on new trends, needs and demands coming directly from the world of work.

“Coca-Cola HBC Italia’s Partnership with RBS represents a milestone in our path of educational support to the community and young people. We are recognized as a People & Culture Center of Excellence in the Italian market, and we are proud to be able to put our transversal skills at the disposal of the Managers of the future,” says Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti, People & Culture Director di Coca-Cola HBC Italia and Program Director of the Master’s program.

In fact, the Master’s program, which has 34 Executive students in intake April 2022, aims to: help them define their ideal career path and give them the tools they need to achieve it, through one-on-one Coaching with ICF-certified professionals; provide a set of personal attributes and soft skills, through the innovative ‘Leadership Program,’ essential for management and interaction with the team and for effective leadership; and develop and strengthen managerial skills for human capital management, promoting effective leadership styles and metrics aimed at evaluating resource management processes.

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration with Coca-Cola HBC Italia,” says Rome Business School Dean Antonio Ragusa, “because it represents a synergy with high pedagogical value and social responsibility. In fact, on the one hand, the knowledge contribution of Coca-Cola HBC Italia’s human resources experts brings great content value to the Rome Business School’s Master’s in Human Resources Management; on the other hand, thanks to the company’s contribution, it will also be possible to economically support particularly deserving students with merit scholarships.”

A further added value of great relevance for each student is having at the direction of the Master, as a support and point of reference, Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti, People & Culture Director di Coca-Cola HBC Italia. Cappuccitti, in addition to boasting first-rate professional experience – over the past 20 years he has held positions of increasing responsibility in transversal areas of several multinationals from different sectors, including Fiat, Vodafone, Birra Peroni/SABMiller, both in Italy and abroad – has just been awarded the ‘Best HR Director of the Year in Food & Beverage‘ prize during the 12th edition of “Le Fonti Awards.”

A Master’s Program based on practical training

The Executive Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane is designed to train professionals to master their soft skills and embrace change as the most effective way to generate competitive advantage. It is aimed at ensuring that students possess a solid understanding of the new generation of professionals entering the job market, fully understand the importance of work-life balance and ethical conduct, and are committed to developing, attracting and retaining talent as the best way to ensure success in the new business ecosystem.

Participants first gain basic general knowledge in management before moving on to specialized skills in human resources, enabling them to distinguish themselves as innovative and responsible leaders with a growth mindset, fully prepared to make an impact in the world and achieve rapid development in their careers. The Executive Master’s course of study is also designed with input from Managers and CEOs who are part of the Rome Business School’s Corporate Advisory Board (including Microsoft, EY, KPMG, Sony, Oracle, Mercedes-Benz, and many others) and includes a final Capstone Project, which gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a real-world business scenario. To drive innovation and global expansion, students have the opportunity to undertake a choice of five international bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Spain, France, Rome and Tuscany (Italy) at RBS partner business schools to expand their knowledge on specific business topics and network internationally.

Not only that, through additional activities and opportunities such as Practice Lab, Look & Touch Company Visits, the RBS4Enterpreneurship program, Business Simulations, and the Leadership Program, students can enhance their employability by reinforcing and practicing the skills they have acquired, fully attuned to the needs of today’s businesses, from the very first days of class.

In particular, Rome Business School provides participants with the Career Acceleration Program. Students can thus come into direct contact with top companies, meet recruiters through dedicated seminars, networking events and workshops including the RBS Career Fair and Talent Focus. Based on Rome Business School’s experience gained across its entire Master’s and MBA offerings, on average, RBS students experience an average salary increase rate of 34 percent upon completion of the program, and 69 percent have obtained a job offer within 6 months of completing their studies.

Finally, thanks to the contribution of 9 of its top managers in the design and delivery of the courses themselves, RBS’s Master’s program allows for up-to-date, 360-degree and highly professionalizing training in a field that offers many career possibilities and needs professionals prepared to face new challenges, in a constantly changing world.

On this, Cappuccitti states, “The world of work today is undergoing a huge transformation. The determining role is played not only by the company, but by the person himself: if the company does not offer me flexibility, smart working, fungibility, I will hardly accept that job offer. So the company must try to anticipate the needs, catch all the signals that come especially from the Nordic countries, for example on how to organize the work week. The future today is very interesting, very uncertain, very unstable, but certainly it will be a future in which technology, flexibility, adaptability will dominate.” And on leadership he continues, “The leaders of the future must be less self-centered and more people-oriented, they must generate energy, and above all be humble, listening leaders.”

Rome Business School is proud of this collaboration, which renews and demonstrates the Business School’s constant desire and commitment to strengthen its collaboration with the leading corporate and management world in Italy and around the world on a daily basis.

Selection process

Applications will be evaluated and selected by the Academic Excellence Committee, composed of:

  • Rome Business School Dean
  • Academic Supervisor
  • Quality Specialist
  • Program Coordinator
  • Program Director
  • Two professors from the Master’s Faculty

Rome Business School will announce the decision to the applicant selected to receive the scholarship on June 30 th 2023.

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