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Student of the Executive Master in Data Science on his career success and the experience at Rome Business School.

We met with Alessandro Sorrentino, Rome Business School student of the Executive Master in Data Science and now Business Intelligence & Analytics Leader at Manpower Academy. On the occasion of his career advancement we discussed his experience at RBS and his future aspirations.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Alessandro Sorrentino, a 39 years old guy and I have been working for a long time in the field of data analysis for business decision support. I chose the Master in Data Science at Rome Business School to deepen the analytical knowledge developed in these years of “training on the job” and to grow in this interesting business field.

Why did you choose Rome Business School?

I chose the Rome Business School because compared to other schools it offers a “practical” program with the support of teachers that have solid managerial experience – and therefore an approach in line with the needs of companies – as well as for the richness of the offer that includes the study of more technical areas, managerial skills – important regardless of the sector in which you work – soft skills and language skills – the Business English course – In addition, the Program Directors are always available for any educational need as well as the Program Coordinators for the administrative/organizational side. A special mention goes to the Career Service, which is – in my opinion – one of the best on the market, organizing a series of workshops with HR Professionals to improve your CV and personal branding as well as planning a series of one-to-one meetings both internally and with specialized Head Hunters to better direct your career path.

What skills do you feel you gained during the Master?

During this Master I have acquired – and I’m still acquiring, since it’s currently in progress – knowledge on the most updated tools and techniques of data analysis thanks to the contribution of established professionals in the field and a teaching approach based on the practical application of the notions discussed during the lessons. This method is essential to make the skills immediately usable and spendable in today’s job market, where companies are increasingly looking for these profiles to define strategies that generate competitive advantage. In addition, I have further improved my soft skills – through a series of courses offered in parallel to the Master itself – which are equally important to be able to stand out in the current context.

And what about your new career opportunity?

Through the RBS Career Services I was put in contact with Manpower, where now I am working as Business Intelligence & Analytics Leader. Now to my company I will bring the technical knowledge that I have acquired throughout my experience and during the Master, and I will put all my energies to improve the business and catch all the new opportunities. 

Any final advice for other fellow students?

To my peers who are preparing or thinking of doing this path I highly recommend Rome Business School as it will give you the opportunity to improve your skills – whether you are Junior or Professional profiles – integrating and completing them with what companies are looking for today on the market, I also recommend you to always be curious, proactive but above all to be yourself and never give up … with perseverance opportunities will come and you just have to be ready to seize them!