September’s Guest Lectures and Mentors for the Master in Fashion Management

The one of Fashion is an industry full of opportunities that comes from creativity, networking and different cultures. Everything is linked form arts and passion for design and beauty.

To highlight some characteristics of the Fashion environment we organized in collaboration with Giulia Rossi, lecturer of the Master in Fashion Management, a series of talks and meetings with some professionals of the industry, that shared with the students their experiences and knowledge of this fascinating field.

Marta Martina from Super Zoom 2021

After more than 20 years in publishing Zoom Fashion Trends of Nuova Libra editorial, launched a new digital project aimed to create strategies of communication and promotion.

The magazine publishes titles range from the ‘purer’ end of the research spectrum, outlining the origin of fashion trends using moods, colours and materials, to extensive reports from the major runways in Milan, Paris, New York and London with the Show details brand, with an additional focus on analysing the growing pre-collections market.

In addition to paper magazines, the digital arm includes the web, an app and social media. In recent years, the publisher has also moved into consultancy and training through its Brand Consultancy & Communication division, supporting companies wishing to tackle the increasingly fierce competitive challenge that the fashion system poses.

During these special class with Mrs. Martina students were required to use their creativity in its wider sense. They started form a story to continue formulating a winning communication and branding strategy.

Elisabetta Dotto – owner of a series of fashion boutique hotels in Italy

Fashion is for Elisabetta Dotto a string driver of communication, especially in the case of Ambra Cortina Fashion & Boutique Hotel and Excess Venice Boutique Hotel & Private Spa.

During Elisabetta’s lessons students have been asked to consider the target audience of Millennials and Generation Z, international high spending people, that used to travel all around the world top places and asked to formulate a creative idea of communication to catch their attention and produce social engagement.

Fabio Corsini, PhD, Sociologist and Media Analyst.

Coordinator of the Communication Program – College of Communication and Information, at Kent State University Florence Center, Fabio Corsini has served as adjunct professor since 2010.

He currently teaches Italian Pop Culture and Intercultural Communication and Fashion in the Media at the KSU–Florence. As well as Communication, Branding and International Institution communication in different Italian educational centers.

With the students Prof. Corsini investigated branding campaigns and communications practices from both a corporate and consumer perspective. Formulating different communication strategies to gain competitiveness on the market but most of all credibility and fidelity from consumers.

In 2018 together with Bernardo Valli, Corsini wrote the book “Quel che resta del Made in Italy.”

Still, in 2018 he edited the book Italian Contemporary Pop Culture: Media and Imageries.

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