Get Ready for the Rome Business School’s Graduation Ceremony 2021

We are almost there, are you getting ready for one of the most important event of the year? We will celebrate all together the successful results achieved by the protagonists of the Rome Business School reality.

A ceremony dedicated to talent, innovation, and cultureSharing is the key word, create an increasingly brilliant future full of new opportunities is our common goal!

Rome Business School’s staff together with lecturers, business partners, members of the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), including important top managerial and leadership profiles within an international scenario, affiliated global institutions as well as exceptional guests, present to congratulate our young professionals and future leaders who attended the courses in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 intakes.

Event’s insights

Get Ready for the 1st of October 2021!

The Graduation Ceremony will be broadcasted at 18:00 online, on our website at the following page: Graduation Ceremony Celebration 2021; You can invite your friends and family to follow the online ceremony, sharing the link above. At the link everybody can register and watch the online streaming. Viewers must log on fifteen minutes before the event starts.

On October 1st the streamed event will be followed dynamically on social media, be interactive for all the participants and anyone is allowed to share photos/videos/any other content through any communication channel.

Some insight from our student

Luna Nguien, graduate of the Master in Human Resources Management

“Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React” – Charles R. Swindoll

This quote seems to be commonplace to many people, yet still strongly reflects our situation, our intake year 2020. We started our courses fully online with barely physical connection, following by a series of virtual workshops and webinars. Shortly, computer screen became our best mate (or at least it was the object we looked at most when studying).

However, it certainly doesn’t stop us from creating great experiences together. March 2020 students (including me) have organized the most successful cultural online event in RBS (and for your information, it was the first time RBS has it online too 😊). No matter how many challenges we faced when organizing an online interactive 3-hour event, we ended up with more friendship and learning experiences. Most importantly, we learned more about consolidation, and “what doesn’t kill us, make us stronger”

Learning opportunities, I have obtained from RBS were countless. I appreciate even more the devoted support from the professors and staff that helped me enter the humanitarian world, to the United Nations, where I’m currently working at. The discussing time and teamwork activities with my classmates are absolutely not less valuable for my career development.

I would like to share special thanks to my family, my mom and sisters who have been always so understanding and supportive with my career journey. I wish they could be here with me today, so that I could give them a strong hug and cream out loud “I did it”.

There’s also another special person, who always silently takes care of me, who has been my consultant, my teacher, my friend, my brother, and my love. This person is the one that teaches me to stay strong, be positive no matter how life is trying to challenge me, and “Your Choice Defines Who You Are”.

To end my speech, I would like to give a huge congratulation to all RBS mates, who have graduated in the year 2018, 2019 and especially the challenging but life-changing year 2020. I wish you all an exciting journey ahead. And if you believe in yourself, try harder and be consistent with what you want to achieve, no difficulties will defeat your dreams.’’

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Graduation Ceremony 2021

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