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Partnership of the month: Rome Business School and 3rand Up Solutions

3rand Up Solutions (pronounced Brand up Solutions) is the technological partner specialized in the design and implementation of solutions in order to give digital identity to the products of individual brands through serialization solutions, anti-counterfeiting, traceability and consumer/customer engagement.

3rand Up Solutions deals with all-round digital transformation with innovative B2B and B2C solutions for B2C and B2B Digital Commerce, virtual showrooms and sustainability, IOT and RFID solutions and NFT (Non Fungible Token) projects based on the Blockchain.

These are solutions and technologies of very recent adoption that project 3randup towards the future of negotiations on the markets of luxury, art and collecting in general (art, sport, objects).

3rand Up Solutions ( is also part of the network of the Digital Innovation Gate421 Foundation in Cherasco (CN) (

Thanks to the expertise of the members that are part of this company, 3rand Up Solutions enters the Corporate Network of the Rome Business School bringing added value in different areas of interest for both parties, such as Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Supply Chain; also supporting the staff of RBS in traditional teaching activities with educational contributions to the profiles of the Business School itself.

“We are happy to welcome a new company in our network with the aim of working together to create exchange opportunities between students and professionals; events involving different experts in the field and courses, so that we can offer company trainings dedicated to different emerging professional profiles” says our Dean, Antonio Ragusa.

Our goal was to become part of the important and, above all, international network of the Rome Business School because, since we develop very innovative solutions and services that are already in use by international and very important companies, It is fundamental for us to live the internationalization” declares Dario Pacotto, CEO of 3rand Up Solutions.