Rome Business School welcomes top company and institution groups – including Jaguar, Sky Italia and Starbucks – in its Corporate Advisory Board – CAB

The first Rome Business School meeting of the Corporate Advisory Board will take off on May 14, 2021.

The Corporate Advisory Board – CAB is a training committee composed of Leaders, Managers and Professionals from key areas of National and International Businesses, aimed at creating more and more advanced professional training strategies for young talents following the trends and needs of the current labor market.

Through the Corporate Advisory Board, Rome Business School activates a process of continuous updating of its activities and programs, relying on numerous business interactions and inputs provided by the members of the committee during the annual meeting and discussion opportunities. The collaboration spirit between the academic and managerial reality of the CAB is one of the key actors of the Quality Assurance Process. The process of continuous improvement of Rome Business School training offer, which works through business interactions and inputs that are provided by the members of the committee not only during the annual event but also during different meetings and discussions with the school where over 67 companies, active globally and nationally, guarantee training capable of responding to new economic and evolving challenges of the labor market due to modernization.

The partnerships established with 14 key business sectors of the Corporate Advisory Board – including finance, marketing, general management, consulting, energy, telecommunication, art and culture – provide student knowledge and skills that can be immediately used in the labor Market, contributing in generating a positive impact on the country’s economic growth.

“The relationship with the business and managerial world represents an essential element for us; for this reason we have gathered, in the Corporate Advisory Board, Managers, Directors, Professionals and Representatives of the major institutions, companies, organizations and multinational companies” explains Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School, “To guide the Business School on developing the best strategies in order to ensure continuous improvement in the quality and innovation of managerial training”.

More than 100,000 students of over 114 nationalities are guided towards the acquisition of an excellent preparation thanks to open, flexible and functional models suitable for any professional level.

“It is necessary that our future leaders acquire not only Core skills but above all Soft skills, the Committee therefore ensures a real impact on the curriculum of the masters, on the final capstone projects and on student recruitment opportunities”.

In addition, a dedicated division of the Rome Business School has already been implemented in the past years, dedicated to corporate training with courses and sessions of different lengths, all responding to specific needs of individual companies. RBS Venture HUB is also part of this commitment framework, an integrated program of consultancy, on-the-job training, business incubation and mentorship through which the 5 best Rome Business School projects will have access to a 6-month incubation HUB and collaboration with partners such as EAE, Lazio Innova, Banca Intesa, Business Angels, Venture Capital, Giffoni Innovation Hub.

Rome Business School is also proud of its vast accreditation system – which allows students to obtain a double academic degree and recognition of 60 ECTS credits thanks to the partnership with VIU, Universidad Internazionale de Valencia – operating within a network of relationships and exchanges with various companies in the sector.  Among these: EFMD, PRME and ASFOR of which RBS is an official member; Rome Business School is also accredited by other associations such as the European Council for Business Education, the European Association for Distance Learning and the Project Management Institute.

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