Rome Business School – Corporate Advisory Board Annual Meeting Day

The Corporate Advisory Board embodies the spirit of collaboration between academia and managerial reality by placing itself as one of the key players for the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the Rome Business School’s Managerial Training offer.

The CAB is composed of Leaders, Managers and Professionals coming from some key areas of National and International business and is aimed at growing Young Talents by following Trends, Requests and Needs of the current job market. Through the Corporate Advisory Boad, Rome Business School activates a process of continuous updating of its activities and training programs, relying on numerous business interactions and inputs provided by the members of the committee.

Today, on May 14th, Rome Business School opened its doors to 67 members of the Corporate Advisory Board, and hosted the first meeting of the committee.

This marks an important moment of dialogue between the business school and the job market as with this meeting Rome Business School aims to fill the gap between education and job market, receiving input from the CAB to then be able to nurture our talents and provide training that truly satisfies market needs.

Our keynote speakers, Mauro Meda e Marco Vergeat, respectively Secretary-General and President of the ASFOR association, were introduced by Maria Angeles Martos Molina, RBS General Manager and Antonio Ragusa, RBS Dean while Mariella Pugliesi, Head of Didactic, kicked off our focus groups.

Our speakers commented on the topics of managerial training, personal development, accreditations and soft skills. Marco Vergeat speech especially underlined the importance of values as the building blocks of soft skills:

“Values are intrinsic qualities of things and they hold the ‘why’ of things. Teaching values gives meaning to what we do and our teachings. We always have to look for a goal and there’s never a definitive one, it’s nothing but a process. Logos and pathos are the building blocks of values and truth is nothing but a continuous discovery”

After our introductory speeches we held focus groups workshops where CAB members were then split up between the areas of Finance; Marketing, Sales and Communications; IT and Operations; Human Resources; CEOs and General Managers, who after introducing themselves and their background, engaged in an active dialogue with our Program Directors who were ready to listen and inquire on the topics our prestigious guest provided valuable insights on, such as future trends and most requested skills.

With the CAB Rome Business School pledges to equip our students with skills the job market requires and to continuously improve our managerial training offer, so that our students can truly become the leaders of tomorrow.

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