Rome Business School visit the Macro Museum of Rome

A new step towards the strengthening of managerial skills through Art.

The exclusive appointments of students to Rome Business School with art continues.

The event this time has concerned contemporary art and, in particular, the Japanese art. Hitedoshi Nagaswa, with its exhibition “”Green Shade””, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome – MACRO, has defied the laws of physics and gravity with huge strcutures in perfect balance between the elements. The materials with which he makes his masterpieces are marble, wood and metal, majestically combined to give form to fascinating sculptures. An art also contaminated by the beauty of Italy, where the artist has settled since ’67.

During this visit Rome Business School students had the opportunity to see how the use of creativity and the characterization of a brand reflects in the creation of masterpieces that manage to reach the soul of the consumer, a key element of marketing 3.0 theorized by Philip Kotler.

These new stimuli will accompany the students of the Master in Marketing and Communication, who are preparing their final project work centered on their business idea.


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