The European Union and Russia meet thanks to a series of international lectures held in cooperation between the Rome Business School and the Southern Federal University of Rostov.

Two sessions of live online training were held through a powerful cutting-edge platform to present and introduce the economic environment, the characteristics, trends and challenges of the European Union and Russia, two markets that are truly central to the global scenario.

The first session, focusing on the Russian market, made it possible to deal with central and highly current aspects, such as that country’s economic development over the past 15 years and its growth potential. In addition, a specific focus on the Rostov region was provided. The brilliant exposition was held by prof. Alexey Y. Arkhipov, (Doctor in Economics, Director of Institute of Economics and International Economic Relations of the Southern Federal University (IECIER SFedU), Director of the MBA programme) who did not limit himself with providing macro-economic statistics, but went into detail, providing concrete data on the export-import dynamics between Italy and Russia and the opportunities offered by that country to those who wish to start an entrepreneurial activity. At the end of this meeting, questions were asked by Italian students and interesting reflections were made on the topics covered.

The second meeting, chaired for the Rome Business School by prof. Antonio Ragusa, concentrated upon the European market, with a specific focus on the GDP of the European Union and its economic development, population growth and employment rate, its policy on the import and export of raw materials and the indexes of quality of life, education and early school leavers. The presentation was also enriched by a careful and focused look at the Italian market. Also during this session, ample scope was left for questions asked by the Russian students who followed it live online.

In conclusion, the students of the Rome Business School and of the Southern Federal University who had the opportunity to participate in these conferences expressed their sincere gratitude for this exchange opportunity and for the network which exists between the two institutions.

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