Lecture of Prof. Arilton Teixeira on the Brazilian Market

In the era of globalization, knowledge of the business context of other countries is an essential requirement in the training of managers, entrepreneurs and successful professionals.

In this context, the Rome Business School, in partnership with the Fucape Business School of Vitoria, Brazil, organized a live online lecture on May 17th with Professor Arilton Teixeira, Academic Director of the Fucape Business School and Director of Fucape Consulting.

This proved to be a very interesting lesson on the characteristics of the Brazilian market and on its consumers’ buying behaviours, described in all their major demographic variables, such as the ethnic groups present in the territory, the different levels of education and of income. The opportunities that the Brazilian market can offer to foreign investors were also highlighted.

Thanks to the distance learning platform employed, the students of the Rome Business School were able to interact synchronously with the Brazilian professor, learning and enriching this international experience through their questions. The result was a participative lecture in which the roles of the teacher and the students became blurred, culminating in a flow of comparisons between Brazil and Europe.

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