Rome Business School at First UNIMED Students Forum

Presented the Research on Student Mobility in the Mediterranean area

From 15th to 17th July, Rome Business School participated to First UNIMED Students Forum in Mediterranean area at the Aydin University, Istanbul.

The Forum has been organized by the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED), which benefited from Rome Business School contribution, the only non academic centre of the Forum.

Rome Business School has been selected by UNIMED to point out and represent postgraduate pathways, full of opportunities and growth. These pathways concern the transition from theory and practice, from studying to working, into an international and cultural exchange vision, related to the Mediterranean area.

The Forum was structured in two days, including a third day of student’s tour in the city of Istanbul, with an expressly choosen guide.

During the first day, presentations and registrations were organized, followed by first introduction among participants of the Forum.

The second day represented the initiative’s ‘heart’, and was structured in three different Workshops, formed by the same number of student groups.

Within these Workshops students had the opportunity to share experiences and to realize proposals to be presented to those European institutions involved in the ‘Erasmus For All’ program.

Rome Business School intervened in the Workshop regarding the ‘Training of students in mobility, placement and employability’.

The school of business, first of all, presented its initiatives which promotes intercultural exchange and employability, like its international internships.

Subsequently Rome Business School showed its project realized in occasion of the Forum, by the Department of Research: The ‘Questionnaire about Student Mobility’. This Questionnaire has the aim to identify the actual situation on student mobility in the Mediterranean area, for the development and planning of future intercultural exchange intervention. Therefore this questionnaire was administered to Forum students.
So the objective of this research is to create suitable programs for the needs of Mediterranean students.

Thus Rome Business School, thanks to UNIMED, participated to an international project, with the aim of developing a scientific-educational cooperation in the Mediterranean region, that is able to integrate and develop in a synergistic way, Mediterranean countries.

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