Meeting with Manhattan Institute of Management

Projects about international growth and cultural exchange

Rome Business School and Manhattan Institute of Management met in Rome, the 25th of July,  to consider possible future collaborations.
Representing the Manhattan Institute of Management there was Mateo Bouatta, while from Rome Business School there were Antonio Ragusa (Founding President), Sidita Kasemi (International Programs and Alumni Network), Martina Di Loreto (Department of Research and Web management) and Salvatore Antonio Fiorelli (Career Service).

After a short presentation of their own activities, programs, values and objecives, both Institutes discussed about a possible new partnership, laying the foundations to wider projects, which will see them involved at an international level.

Rome Business School and Manhattan Institute of Management share a common vision of global growth and expansion, which gives priority to cultural exchange, as an opportunity and benefit for those who are willing to look for a job.
Moreover, since both schools are oriented to theoretical and practical teaching, they agree with the idea to create projects that will provide their students with vocational and international experiences.

What in particular emerged from this meeting, concerns the possibility of creating courses featuring student exchanges between the two Schools and the choice of providing these courses with on-line learning formulas, in view of an offer able to meet every student needs.

What Rome Business School and Manhattan Institute of Management are proposed and agree to do, is the will of creating training courses designed to prepare and assist their students in order to facilitate their access to employment, but also their professional and their personal growth.

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