Rise up your personality through your career

Very often a job not only offers you a professional role but at times the tasks performed during the day can talk about yourself if you think of the many hours spent at work.  Your work can show the best version of your personality by the way you approach it and by the benefits you can acquire and apply to all other aspects in life. 

Work experiences offer many opportunities to exploit ones strengths and ability of self-control avoiding to fall in tempting but unethical behaviors, a person with good principles not only avoids these situations but uses work to strengthen will using kindness and generosity.  In a working environment, other qualities can also be evidenced, such as diligence, courage and equity, and the many skills necessary in any professional context where contacts and exchanges with others are the daily frame. In short, the collaborative, social, hierarchical and performance-oriented aspects often create a suitable environment to test our character and help us highlight our qualities. But to take full professional advantage of this requires a little personal effort.

A good practice for this can be the Cognitive Crafting, or at the end of each day ask yourself if you are a better person than when you woke up that morning and if this improvement is due to what you did during the working day,  you then start asking yourself what can you do the following day to keep improving and so on….  try to always commit yourself to help others and the community, your colleagues and follow the correct ethical rules.   Get in the habit of expressing yourself within the team, proposing known improvements or reporting and wrong and or discriminating action.

Use Cognitive Crafting to strengthen or build a strong network of friends and relationships!

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