FIAM – Italian Federation of Martial Arts

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Massimo Di Luigi, FIAM’s president and martial arts practitioner for 53 years introduced us to the Italian Federation of Martial Arts.

” Karate is not just a sport, not just a martial art, it’s a lifestyle that life has chosen for us “

FIAM is the Italian center of martial arts. It’s team and followers love Karate its philosophy, its spirits, its rules and practices, the tatami and the atmosphere that it evokes. Once you start practicing karate you choose a lifestyle that will follow you forever, is a passion that grows day by day, year after year, effort after effort because the training can be tiring and stressing but the satisfaction that comes from it is priceless.

FIAM is a second home for all of its members in which to practice, organize and discuss between each other and this is what they want everyone that choose to live Karate with them to feel. An organization that acts exclusively for the interest of practitioners, helping each other to work for the same objectives, contributing day by day to the growth and success of everyone.

It’s is interesting how many things we can learn from a sportive discipline, respect, self-control, team play and passion. Loving what you do day by day is the key to success in everything you do, it can be tiring and frustrating but learning to love every step of a path is the key to never give up and grow in every field of your life!

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