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Michela Bonafoni

Name: Michela

Surname: Bonafoni

Subject and Courses: 

Program Director of the Master in Fashion & Design Management.

Subjects: The Fashion Industry and its cultural revolution; Fashion Sociology; Public Relations and Celebrities, Influences and Media; Globalization and Fashion; Launching a Start – Up; Economics in Fashion Management; Supply Chain Management.

Personal short BIO

I have a Ba in Fashion & Costume Science at La Sapienza University in Rome and  a MBA in Fashion Marketing & Communication at Central St.Martin’s College of London. I have worked for many company in Italy and New York as Communication Director and in 2012 I opened my press office in Milan called 360+OneQuarter to promote young designers in according with Vogue Talents. Since my time at University I teach semiotics, economics and communication in fashion and now I’m teaching at IED at Rome and at Rome Business School where I’m also a Program Director of a “Fashion & Design Management” Master. Now, I’m a Fashion Trend Researcher for many company as Mitu’ Creative Hairstyling, Wella, and I’m working with creative direction and doing fashion research seminaries and lectures too. I’m a Radio Speaker and I’m  conducting a transmission regardind society and actuality matters

When did you find out you that you wanted to be a teacher? Since I was at University. I remember when I’ve been study fashion history. In that moment I decided to become a teacher inside fashion system and I love it a lot !!!

What teaching strategies or techniques do you usually use? I love the interaction with my students so I ask always their point of view regarding topics. I introduce inside my lesson always emotional video, fashion research, sociological point and music, too. I consider the exciting really important also inside economical arguments

What are the 3 fundamental competences that a worker needs to have in order to succeed in his/her future career? Humility, perseverance, passion

What suggestion would you like to give to your students about how to get the most out of their educational experience? In my life I never stop study all topics I teached and I teach, too. So, I suggest them to compare their vision with other visions in the world and to not stop never in front of stumbling block. And study, study with passion 

According to you, what are the 3 main characteristics that a successful manager should have? Listening, heart, determination

Do you have a mentor? If yes, who? Oh, I do. First of all my mum. She convinced me that my passion could become my work. Then my English literature and fashion study teacher during my University time, Ms. Paola Colaiacomo who introduced in my life the second one, Ms. Maria Luisa Frisa, one of the most important people inside fashion culture 

The most important lesson that you learned during your career path. Do not give up, also when you’re really tired and sad in front of big problems.

How would you have your students find out their talent? I try to see their eyes and find their passion; so, I suggest them to listen their heart, their stomach, their skin…then, their mind but at the end of their personal study

How do you motivate yourself to take action? I love my job and I couldn’t do anything else in my life, I’m sure. I consider my emotions, my feelings and also my tears the most important motivation that give me always the energy to do something new again and again

What would you like to change about yourself? Ah, hard question. Probably, my nomadic way of life. Now, I need to find my place in the world and I think I found it now

What are you doing to change the world? Working in different ways: from actuality and social to fashion and…back

Top 3 cities to visit…Instabul, New York, Budapest

What do you like the most about Rome? A lot of things but I’m in love with its blu sky and the emotional and secret places where you could lost yourself without answers or risks 

books to read…

  • “Il colibrì” (Sandro Veronesi)
  • “Fashion and Luxury Sociology “(Anna Curcio)
  • “Follia” ( Patrick McGrath)

What is your favourite Italian food? Pasta al pomodoro, of course!

Do you have a Nick name? No, I don’t

What are your interests and hobbies? I love traveling and reading, a lot.

What are your weaknesses? Maybe my restlessness …sometimes ahahah

The craziest thing you have ever done…Oh, wow, a lot but I remember when I slept at the London Airport just to visit a fashion conference cause my friend and I didn’t have enough money to pay hostel or to eat something good but we laughed a lot and we understood a lot of new notions.

The happiest day of your life…When I understood to be in love with my current love.

What makes you feel angry? Dishonesty. Racism. Violence.

What embarrasses you? The applauses because it is the confirm of my hard work.

Define Happiness…When you smile and laugh without reason also because you know that the important people in your life are happy. My personal happiness is my love, my friends, my family and my big dog, Romeo!!!