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Talking with Toyota, Italy

For our set of meetings and talks with some of the most famous Italian Brands on the National and International market, Andrea Geremicca, Director of EIIS – European Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, closely met Andrea Saccone, General Manager of Communication and Foreign Affairs – Toyota, Italy.

About Toyota

Toyota is Japan’s largest auto company, with production estimated at around nine million vehicles per year. The company dominates the Japanese market with around 40% of new cars registered in 2004, and enjoys a substantial market share in both Europe and the United States. It also has a significant market shares in several Southeast Asian countries.

The company produces a large variety of vehicles generally rated for quality of materials and good design. Capitalizing today part of the world automotive market!

Toyota Industry Talk

During the talk we discuss about the revolution and change in the automotive company. Based on the latest technologies and trends in energy saving and sustainability the automotive evolution is also due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the car is no longer limited to individual vehicle functions but it also uses the exchange of data to perform advanced functions that are increasingly closer to the person, such as security, or the of share mobility services.

The biggest automotive revolution of recent times is certainly linked to the electrification of vehicles, Toyota was one of the pioneers of zero-emission mobility, starting very early in 1997 with the introduction of its first electric hybrid vehicle, “Pryus ”And since that time, Toyota specialists continue to improve and refine their zero-emission technology day by day, introducing the first fully sustainable electric or hydrogen battery powered machines.

Technology is changing and consumer behavior with it. It is precisely for this reason that Toyota is preparing for another big change, namely that of becoming a Service Mobility Provider. This means not only a movement related to vehicles but also to the type of production of Toyota, which could not be limited only to cars but extend to a large part of services related to mobility.

Looking instead at the current regulatory dynamics of the society and the COVID 19 emergency, how is the pandemic affecting Toyota’s present but also future production? The pandemic in a sense is and will continue to accelerate a certain type of transformation and 2 elements in particular regarding the issue of mobility are becoming quite active:

1. Private mobility: the number of people who prefer to use their own vehicle is increasing, whether it is a car, scooter, motorbike, bicycle, electric scooter and so on to travel. These became necessary also in order to comply with health and prevention regulations.

Mobility, especially in this period, became a point of focus and interest also for companies and the public administration, always looking for safe and efficient solutions for travelling.

2. Renting and Rentals: not only limited to long-term rental but also linked to short periods or single trips. In fact, it is increasingly common to see vehicles such as bicycles, cars or electric scooters possible to use as an alternative to public transport, which are often too crowded.

And is especially on this development background that are emerging new and modern professional figures such as the Mobility Manager. Nowadays, every self-respecting company relies on a specialist for the development of an effective and efficient transport area. Moreover alle the current innovations and noveltybrought by the COVID-19 revolution will need new ideas, young talents and innovative solutions to continue on growing, opening the doors to an increasingly green and efficient future.

Precisely for this reason Toyota has created a Talent HUB in which it gathers students and professionals aimed at exchanging ideas and opinions.

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