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AI in HR Roundtable
News 04/12/2023

Navigating the AI Revolution in HR: Guest Speakers from Microsoft, PwC, and Novartis Share Their Insights

Introduction The roundtable on ‘Artificial Intelligence in HR’ was a highlight of the Rome Business School Online Career Fair, designed to offer valuable insights into future trends, social impact, and more. As part of the special events within the career fair, this roundtable brought together i
News 30/11/2023

Rome Business School and Bayes Business School embark on a 5-Year Strategic Partnership: new bootcamp in London to follow

We are delighted to announce the formalization of a partnership with Bayes Business School, formerly known as Cass Business School, the prestigious business school of City, University of London. This landmark collaboration solidifies a commitment to academic excellence, global collaboration, and the
News 30/11/2023

Joaquin Phoenix's Napoleon: Fact vs. Fiction in Ridley Scott's Epic Tale

Ridley Scott, the acclaimed director, known for “Gladiator”, “Alien” and “Blade Runner” brings us “Napoleon”, a colossal film sparking heated debates among historians and cinephiles. The movie, starring Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon and Vanessa Kirby as Josephine, explores the life and
News 30/11/2023

Rome Business School organizes the most International Online Career Fair in Italy

Third Edition of the Online Career Fair The most international digital Career Fair organized by a Business School in Italy: 260 job offers and internships; 63 companies, 726 students participating to connect young talents and the world of work. This third edition registers 40% more international co
News 30/11/2023

Why Is The Linear Economic Model No Longer Sustainable?

For a long time, the global economy has followed a linear model – extracting resources, making products, using them, and then getting rid of them. This approach, often summarized as “take, make, dispose,” has been a major player in economic activities. However, as worries about the environment
News 29/11/2023

Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges of Inclusion

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, diversity in the workplace stands as an essential and compelling narrative. The inclusion of individuals from a myriad of backgrounds isn’t merely an obligatory checkmark on a corporate to-do list; rather, it’s the very heartbeat of innovation and p