Personal Branding – Executive Workshop

Pierluigi Catello – Michael Page

Pierluigi Catello – Senior Consultant, and Head Hunter at Michael Page reveals the importance of Personal Branding

The goal of this workshop is to give students the tools to better understand what personal branding is, how it was born and how to exploit it in the world of work. There are two different definitions and several examples of Personal Branding as there is no single definition, aimed both at the job search and at one’s positioning on the market.

Some of the main tools of personal branding are social media such as: Linkedin, YouTube, Blog, Podcast, Online newspapers, interviews and so on. But among all the fundamental is always Linkedin, a fundamental platform for any person who wants to maximize his possibilities both from the point of view of job search and from the commercial and networking point of view.

These activities on the platform take place through:

  • The analysis of the target
  • Profile optimization
  • Building a network of contacts
  • The creation of valuable content
  • Constant interaction with your network

Target analysis
How and with what tools you can go to define your target, or your reference niche, in this way it will be much easier to understand what to talk about and above all how to convey the message. The goal of this activity is to emerge as an expert in your sector.

Profile optimization
It concerns the analysis of all the aspects that make up a LinkedIn page to optimize in order to make yourself more visible on this platform.

The net
Compose and develop your own network of contacts on LinkedIn in order to connect with the people who are most of interest to our personal branding goals.

Creating valuable content
Define what are the quality contents that should be published on LinkedIn and at what time intervals.

The interaction

How to relate and how to create dialogue with other users on Linkedin in order to create networks and visibility towards your profile and ideas

All are slowly reaching the same level of education and skills, also acquired through academic courses or training courses, what can really make the difference, when we want to look for new job, commercial or network opportunities is to differentiate ourselves. and the best way to do this is to bring valuable content and give visibility to your profile with platforms such as Linkedin.

“With the detailed analysis of the actions to be taken on LinkedIn, I would like to give practical advice to students so that they can immediately optimize their profiles and make themselves more visible. I strongly believe in personal branding and I believe it can be a tool through which to attract the best career opportunities.”

Pierluigi Catello

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