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Navigating the Startup World: Wisdom from Entrepreneurs and Investors within RBS4Entrepreneurship

Starting a new business is a thrilling but challenging endeavor. It demands a unique blend of skills, resilience, and determination. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to entrepreneurial success, there are valuable insights we can glean from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The Rome Business School’s RBS4Entrepreneurship program has witnessed remarkable startup journeys, offering a wealth of wisdom from those who have trodden this path. In this article, we’ll explore key advice from both entrepreneurs and investors, drawing on the experiences of RBS alumni and experts in the field.


1. Passion as Your North Star

“Giving advice to those who want to start a new startup is always very difficult because it depends on your character, but as per the skill I think the number one should be passion. You need a drive, something that wakes you up in the morning.” – Fabrizio D’Abate, Rome Business School alumnus, CEO & co-founder of LampoVet.

Fabrizio D’Abate, an alumnus of Rome Business School and the CEO & Co-founder of Lampovet, exemplifies the entrepreneurial journey from incubation to making a significant impact. After being incubated at Rome Business School, Fabrizio’s startup, Lampovet, took a major leap by joining the Purina Accelerator Lab’s Unleashed program. This move not only gave Lampovet credibility and trust but also opened doors to further opportunities.

Unleashed, powered by PURINA Accelerator Lab, played a crucial role in bringing Lampovet to life. Fabrizio D’Abate shared his thoughts on this transformative experience, stating, “Unleashed gave us credibility and trust with vets and consumers. It opened doors, like being shortlisted for Lazio Innova, Italy’s largest startup accelerator.”

Fabrizio’s dedication to advancing pet healthcare and his commitment to innovation exemplify the spirit of Rome Business School’s RBS4Entrepreneurship program, which provides entrepreneurs with the tools and support needed to turn their dreams into reality. Through collaboration, persistence, and a passion for their work, entrepreneurs like Fabrizio and startups like Lampovet inspire and demonstrate the transformative potential of the startup world.

“The Rome Business School has shaped the Fabrizio I am today: nowadays when they ask me what I do the first thing that comes to mind is not medicine, but entrepreneurship. I’m thankful to Rome Business School for all that it has given me.”


2. Persistence Through Ups and Downs

“My advice would be to be patient but most of all determined, perseverant because the process is long and indeed we go through tough difficult phases. Sometimes we go down, sometimes we reach the top and then fall. So believe in your product if you have already tested everything needed and go ahead.” – Silvia Ferrari, Director of Invest in Toulouse and Film Bureau.

Silvia’s advice highlights the rollercoaster nature of entrepreneurship. Staying determined and believing in your product, even in challenging times, is crucial for long-term success.


3. The Power of Networking and Collaboration

“The networking, the business model, capability to work with other people is not secondary: partners and not only partners.” – Vittorio Costa, Head of Business Development at Impresapiens.

Vittorio underlines the importance of networking and collaborative skills. Building strong relationships and effective partnerships can open doors, provide support, and enhance your business’s growth.


4. Elevating Generalist Skills

“There are a whole series of skills that are generalist which may not be at the core of the company, related to business and marketing among other things, and those skills must be of a very high level even if sometimes they are taken for granted. Managerial training is critical to instill one’s vocation or passion into the system.” – Aurelio Latella, Founding Partner at Ettore Fieramosca Advisory Company.

Aurelio’s advice emphasizes the need for well-rounded skills. While you focus on your startup’s core, don’t overlook the importance of strong business and marketing acumen, which are often undervalued but vital for success.


The Rome Business School’s RBS4Entrepreneurship program

The Rome Business School’s RBS4Entrepreneurship program has been instrumental in nurturing innovative startups and providing them with the tools, support, and guidance they need to thrive. This incubation program has not only shaped the future of promising entrepreneurs like the winners of the Pitch Days, but has also recognized and celebrated the contributions of other noteworthy startups which ultimately contributes to the growth of the startup ecosystem.

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges and rewards, and the insights shared by investors and entrepreneurs offer a valuable roadmap. These words of wisdom are not just for the selected few but can guide anyone with the aspiration to embark on their entrepreneurial path. Success in the startup world requires passion, perseverance, collaboration, and the development of essential skills.

The Rome Business School’s RBS4Entrepreneurship program serves as a testament to the power of education and mentorship in transforming dreams into reality. It equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and connections necessary to navigate the complexities of the business world, ensuring that the next generation of startups can flourish and make a lasting impact.