Rome Business School and women talent

In collaboration with PWA (Professional Women Association)

Rome Business School revolutionized the ordinary higher education method through dynamic and effective training but as well focuses of people to create future managers prepared to take the world to the next age of modernity and progress. RBS main focus is to bring students, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals to a level of excellence in their competences and ethical approaches to business and work. Train students to make a difference, reach their objectives and innovate. Just like a family, students future is our main concern, and we work hard to provide you with the best chance possible to build a bright and successful career. Helping you fulfill your dream is our ultimate goal, we will do it through many learning and networking opportunities, internships, cultural and social activities, career coaching sessions, practical experiences, and a truly multicultural environment.

We also provide a series of financial aids to support students on their educational path. There are different scholarships appliable to a series of selected candidates who not only demonstrate a high proficient profile but as well who are part of some of the main values of Rome Business School.

Such as, the Executive Women Grant.

Rome Business School strives to increase and promote the ratio of women in executive positions and increase gender equality in the workplace. Over 50% of our students are women, many of whom balance their studies with their professional and personal lives. We seek to indorse these efforts with our Executive Women in Business Grant, which aims to strengthen our students’ ability to realize their executive potential, leadership capacity and professional aspirations. Executive Women Grant applicants required only to submit a CV upon declaration to apply. The program coordinator will submit the application to the Admissions Committee for final evaluation. Statements of purpose are not required but optional by request of the program coordinator.

Rome Business School is in partnership with PWA (Professional, Women, Association) a non-profit networking organization that supports and promotes the interests of professional women of different nationalities, from diverse cultural environments. PWA believe in sharing information, ideas and resources to create mutual opportunities and since 1992 provides periodical forum or women who want to expand their world for personal and professional growth. PWA and Rome Business School welcome women form various professions at different levels and from different sectors, supporting women’s empowerment and organize events of cultural interest, social, and professional development.

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