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Living in Rome might be one of the best experiences of your life. Once you decide to move over Italy, to study or to work, you have to consider that you might need to set a few little things to ensure a secure and happy stay. 

1. Permesso di soggiorno

In order to regularly staying in Italy, you will have to apply for the residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno), that meas that yout D -Visa has to be converted into a residence permit. During this procedure you will receive the Student Services support. Here you can find some more information on the steps that need to be pursued in order to receive you permesso di soggiorno: First of all, you will need to go to a Post Office (Poste Italiane) to collect the residence permit kit where you will find some module to fill. Once filled the documents, you can collect the following things:

  • Filled Module;
  • Copy of the passport (the entire passport);
  • Copy of your health insurance;
  • Buy 16 € “Marca da bollo”;

Once everything is done and filled correctly, you will need to bring everything back to the Post Office (Poste Italiane) and you will receive an appointment with the immigration office after some time, that will call you once they had processed your documents.

2. Codice Fiscale

The codice fiscale is a thing that you have to apply for. It is used for sanitary purpose in order to identify a person and, moreover, it will allow you to open a bank account. It can be asked at Agenzia delle Entrate.In order to obtain a codice fiscale online please follow these steps.

Send an email to: [email protected]

In the email you have to send:

  • Model AA4/8 filled and signed. You will find this model attached here as well as a fac-simile which will help you out
  •  Copy of your visa and enrollment documents
  • Copy of the passport

3. Bank Account

If you need to open a bank account, thanks to Rome Business School’s support it is very easy. Once obtained the fiscal code, you will just need to go to Monte Dei Paschi di Siena in Via Cola di Rienzo, 240 (very close to the campus) and ask to open a bank account. They will assist you on that. 

Are you planning to come and study here in Italy?

Discover all our master’s courses, find the one that suits you best and fill in the form. We will support you throughout the process of applying for documents to live and study here in Rome.

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