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What does the ideal candidate look like? What are the insights from recruiters? Diversity, inclusion and well-being are some of the most sough after values.

On Friday 17th of June, Rome Business School hosted the Career Fair, giving students the opportunity to meet more than 55 recruiters from 34 companies. A great occasion for students to get in on one-to-one conversations, apply for open positions, make themselves known to recruiters, hand in their CVs, experience job interviews in multiple industries, improve their communication skills and abilities, learn more about recruiting processes, receive valuable advice directly from HR professionals, and most importantly to get to know companies up close.

The tips from attending companies

It is increasingly important for any reality to invest in Employer Branding today to attract and retain talent, as Laura Liguori, Local HR Business Partner at Oracle points out, “Economic retention is not always enough to retain talent, it is necessary to guarantee the employee a certain well-being, both mental and physical. At Oracle for example, we have a gym and meditation room in the company. Not only that, social responsibility, diversity and inclusion must turn into real projects: at our company, every Euro an employee donates, Oracle gives another one. This, besides doing good, also brings benefits in terms of business.

Many professionals also highlighted how important it is for the employee to truly know and believe in the company’s values, and to see them promoted through tangible actions. Among them Flavia Cioffi, Talent Acquisition Senior Manager at Valentino, “Today’s job market has definitely changed, and the great resignation shows us that. The challenge is to find the right candidate for the role and the right team that is also close to the company values, so that we can then establish an ongoing relationship.” She adds, “Among the most important values at Valentino is diversity, with us it’s not just a claim, but our moral compass: in our leadership behaviors we talk about diversity, equity, integrity, and it’s the air you breathe in the corridors, a multicultural environment, where there’s a lot of heterogeneity also in terms of background.”

On the other hand, regarding what HR people are looking for in the market and the skills that young people need to develop the most, Martina Boccuti, HR Manager at Digital Angeles explains, “When we go to select our figures, we look for people who are proactive, who have a desire to experiment and creative, with knowledge in digital marketing, data analytics, and who are up-to-date on what companies are focusing on today: metaverse, NFT, blockchain first and foremost.” For Elsa Tafesse, Sentior Talent Acquisition Partner for Coca-Cola HBC: “The ideal candidate must show, above all, an eagerness to learn, improve themselves, know how to challenge themselves, open to diversity and inclusive. Diversity for me and in Coca-Cola is a pillar, it’s a must because our customers are people all over the world, with different ages and genders, plus since the Coca-Cola system produces products for moments of joy, and to be consistent between the products and our people we have to protect the well-being of our employees, in other words, we have to promote programs for new graduates, trainings and we developed an etiquette of smart working.”