#ExperienceRBS: “Thanks to the preparation I received I was able to get the internship of my dreams.”

We heard from Claudia Misurelli, Alumni of the Master in Human Resources Mananagement of RBS and intern at KPMG; and discussed with her the experience at RBS.

What led you to choosing the Master at Rome Business School?

Nowadays no university course prepares you to be a Human Resources professional, which is why I decided to undertake the Master in Human Resources Management at RBS. I was immediately attracted by the international contest that the school offers. The quality of the teachers, the staff and the network are excellences that you can hardly see elsewhere. 

Overall, what did you find most valuable about RBS? 

The most valuable things I have found about rbs is that there is always someone ready to help you, throughout the course both professors and staff are always available and very understanding. I got to interact with international professionals and be in a class with students from other countries. 

Tell us about the top three new skills you have developed and empowered during your academic year at RBS 

The three main skills I developed through my studies at rbs were: teamwork, overcoming shyness, and work ethics. 

I have always been a very shy and closed person, thanks to this course of study I was able to emerge and better understand my skills, I learned how to work in a team, how to divide the work and how to better understand work ethics. 

Which aspects of the career services support did you appreciate the most?

I made use of the Career services program to better understand how to present myself in the job market. I found staff immediately ready to help me and let me know what skills I needed to improve to get my dream job.  Thanks to the individual meetings with the career service, the workshops with the professionals of the companies I was able to better understand how the world of work is structured. Thanks to all the advice and preparation I received I was able to get the internship of my dreams. 

I would highly recommend RBS to any student, definitely a course of study at this school can enhance so many skills and improve one’s performance. 

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