Rome Business School Summer Aperitif

Classes are soon coming to an end, to then restart after the summer break. So what better way to celebrate and welcome the summer break than with an aperitif?

That’s what all Rome Business School students did in the courtyard of RBS, all students, staff and faculty gathered to say goodbye and share good memories and experiences had together along the year.

Many nationalities could be witnessed, in the true international spirit of Rome Business School.

Rome Business School’s international profile: the most international Business School in Italy

Students, faculty and staff all come from different countries in fact we count +150 countries represented by students, 15 different nationalities among staff members as well as many international speakers and lecturers. Moreover, +50 International Companies are involved in the students’ Capstone Project.

On top of immersing thermselves in the international environment of Rome Business School, students also can take advantage of over 269 Universities partnerships and agreements in 26 countries and 4 continents worldwide, allowing for special programs and collaborative initiatives.

Check out some photos from the 2022 Summer Aperitif!

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