Employment Report 2020

Rome Business School’s presents the first edition of the Employment Report 2020. The official document which collects data and yearly results achieved thanks to the student’s commitment throughout the year and the excellent daily work carried out by the whole RBS Team, positioning the Business School among the largest European and International schools. 

The professional development and training of managers and employees able to excel in both business activities and on an ethical and social level represents the Rome Business School’s main objective.  An ambition which reflects the current evolving working environment, introducing continuously new and innovative technologies to the company dynamics, which require constant updating of existing skills and at the same time new and additional professional and personal competencies.

To this end, the Rome Business School is engaged in making difference through its modern and international approach towards learning, beginning first from identifying the company needs and then in building an educational and training plan to best meet these requirements.  A dynamic and proactive approach which connects the offer with the supply of highly qualified professionals through a multinational network of leading commercial partners from various business areas. 

The Career Services activity represents the main resource engaged in  creating direct contact opportunities with the various human resource departments, headhunters and recruiters from the most important national and international companies.  Training students on all the different steps and phases in entering the work environment;  from identifying their own strengths, to creating a professional profile and preparing efficient personal documentation to best introduce themselves when applying for a  position (CV – Cover Letter – Online Presence).

The role of the Career Service is committed to directing students towards the achievement of their career goals, whether it represents their first entrance into the work environment, a change of direction or aimed at a personal and professional growth in terms of position and salary. The department works by collaborating with a network  (in continuous expansion) of 221 multinational companies from all over the world such as:  IKEA, Adecco, HAYS, Puma, Whirlpool, American Express, Michael Page and many others,  tracing over 2,592 job offers per year and organizing about 72 professional development activities such as Workshops, Webinars, Talks and Company Meetings open to students.

As evidenced by the Employment Report, the 2019 results are extremely positive showing high employment data; 96% of students from 150 different countries have successfully entered the work environment, 40% during their studies while the remaining 60% within six months after graduation.

Excellent results are also achieved among global career opportunities, about 68% of students have successfully found employment abroad between european and other worldwide countries. 

The Rome Business School forms successful Managers able to change the business and world economy under both an ethical and sustainable perspective in respect to the people needs and surrounding environment; 37% of students are currently successful managers in various multinational company positions, 12% work for NGO companies.  All of them with 72% of possibility to increase their yearly salary.

This is a just a brief introduction not only of the contents which you will find in the Employment Report but also an overview of the Rome Business School activity of always developing new opportunities for the today’s young talents!

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