Announcing the winners admitted to the RBS4Entrepreneurship incubation program!

Rome Business School has announced the start-ups selected for its business incubator, as part of the RBS4Entrepreneurship program. Out of the ten projects, the evaluation committee saw fit to admit six to the incubation, including one extra project due to the abundance of quality ideas submitted.

The criteria for the choice were the quality of the team, the level of innovation, the business sustainability and the social impact.

The jury selecting the projects was composed of:

  • Antonio Ragusa; Dean of Rome Business School
  • Raffaele Mannella; Program Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Luca Tesauro; Founder & CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub
  • Francesco Salvatore; Head of Open Innovation and Business Design
  • Carmen Martos Molinas; Head of Career Services & Entrepreneurship of EAE Business School Spain
  • Andrea Pietrini; Founder and Chairman of YOURgroup
  • Anindya Saha; Founder of Nero Ventures
  • Marco Rosci; Founder of Epicode school
  • Simona Sinesi; Founder of Never Give Up

The winning projects who are entering the incubation phase are:

  • Co2nvert – The team is working on a concrete problem and can have a very positive impact in our environment (high sustainability), we considered also that the team already started working in it from a development point of view. The pitch presented was very well structured, and the team is very determinate in bringing the project about.
  • Backstage Members – For the innovation of the idea that can respond to todays’ needs, and has been well described in every aspects. The team has shown commitment and good results achieved until now in this few months of development.
  • The UNIverse – The solution could disrupt the education industry and we’re happy to support this, since its our core and we experience these problems everyday! Pitch presentation was very good.
  • ADAPP – for an inclusive solution that can impact on a lot of people’s lives (disabled audiences), facilitating their everyday experience with fashion items. Pitch was very well delivered
  • RISE – impact on Fashion industry, with a focus on sustainalibility. We liked the composition of the team and we’d love to support the creation of a new sustainable fashion brand.

Since we received a lot of quality applications for our incubation program, we decided to bring one more project onboard for the next phase: that’s why we will be having 6 projects joining the incubation.

  • All the world ‘s a stage – To immagine and build the future of theatre, to bring it forward the classical dimension and to face the challenges this industry experienced during pandemic. We believe the team has the right knowledge of the market and Giffoni Innovation Hub wanted to give a special award.

Read about the project ideas in detail here

The incubation program will be kicked off from next months and we cannot wait to start.

“We want to encourage you to pursue your projects even if they were not admitted: this is the spirit of entrepreneurship. For all projects, the RBS4Entrepreneurship program will continue in the next months with StartupTalks, workshops and networking opportunities that can help support your business.” affirmed Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School

Thanks to all the projects who applied!

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