RBS4Entrepreneurship: meet the teams and the evaluation committee of the second edition of the program

What is the RBS4Entrepreneurship program?

Through RBS4Entrepreneurship Rome Business School wanted to give a structured path to those with an interest in the startup world and entrepreneurship. Students are invited to participate to talks and workshops, meet successful startuppers, and acquire the necessary tools to launch a startup: from market analysis to creating a pitch and finding investors.

The program helps students find a team or an idea to work on, so they can have a truly hands-on experience. Teams can be composed of students, alumni and external collaborators.

All teams can then submit their projects, out of all submissions, only 10 projects make it to the selection day, and out of the 10, 5 winning teams will join the RBS Incubation Program where, thanks to the aid of tailored coaching, exclusive meetings with entrepreneurs and specific workshops, they will get their idea to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage. At the end of the incubation program a money prize to be spent on services, is given to the team to further expand their idea.

When is the selection day 2022?

10 teams will pitch their idea to an evaluation committee. The event will happen February, Friday the 11th 2022, at 14.30.

Meet the evaluation committee

As this is our second edition, some of the evaluation committee members will be returning, while others will join us for the first time. Members of the evaluation committee all share an entrepreneurial background, and most have launched successful businesses, in several different industries.

Who are they?

Antonio Ragusa; Dean of Rome Business School

Raffaele Mannella; Program Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Luca Tesauro; Founder & CEO of Giffoni Innovation Hub

Francesco Salvatore; Head of Open Innovation and Business Design

Carmen Martos Molinas; Head of Career Services & Entrepreneurship of EAE Business School Spain

Andrea Pietrini; Founder and Chairman of YOURgroup

Anindya Saha; Founder of Nero Ventures

Marco Rosci; Founder of Epicode school

Simona Sinesi; Founder of Never Give Up

Meet the projects pitching at the selection day

Co2nvert: Co2nvert is working on a technological solution which will transform CO2 into ethanol, through a carbon-negative process, not adding but rather removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The idea is to develop ethanol for b2b or cosmetics, alcohol based products, medicines and perfumes, instead of producing it and contributing to environmental issues.

More than just NFTs: A platform that intertwines two eras, specialized in trading artworks, selling Tangible Artworks accompanied by NFTs, thus solving the problem of non-transparent prices, pre-selected artworks and high commission fees.

RISE: An E-shop Ethical Clothing brand with daily outfits for Women & Men, produced with organic & fairtrade materials, while collaborating with social & environmental organizations throughout its activity.

YourSpace: yourSpace is an online platform that unites attractive places for remote work. A network of specially selected locations, both in the big cities and in beautiful places of the country side.

Backstage Members: The first “connect to earn” NFT platform, it aims to provide a social platform for like-minded people to enjoy and profit from fashion and luxury goods & services in the metaverse, but also in real life.

The UNIverse: The UNIverse is a disruptive educational experience service, based in the Metaverse. It entails a gamification process on the blockchain.

ADAPP – Inclusive Fashion: In AdApp visitors will be able to purchase existing adapted clothing or adapt their clothing items through a tailor-shop community

All the world ‘s a stage: A theatre organisation with new technologies that will transform any place to a fully equipped theatre stage. Theatre will reach audiences, both physically and digitally, everywhere in the world.

TravelWay: Unique, memorable, fun and bespoke travel experiences, that will be driving sustainability in all business segments.

Shapy: Providing people with a platform that facilitate their journey into a new healthy lifestyle. It is a mobile app that connects personal trainers with people seeking attention.

Which of these projects will make it to the Incubation program? Only one way to find out! Don’t miss out on the selection day Friday 11/02 at 14.30. Register here to receive all the relevant information about it!

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