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Why is it important to specialize in digital marketing and business transformation? By 2022, 65% of global GDP will be digitized

  • By 2023, 75% of organizations worldwide will have comprehensive roadmaps for implementing digital transformation, up from 27% in 2020
  • 61% of the sample of Italian businesses believe that investment in digital will grow further (Aruba Enterprise-Cionet). The business area most impacted by Digital Transformation, for 63% of respondents, is the IT department, followed by Marketing (46%), Production (44%) and Customer Service (37%).
  • What slows down transformation the most: for 57% of respondents, cultural elements, for 54% the complexity of organizational processes, and for 52% costs and time to implement solutions.
  • Most requested profiles: Social Advertising Specialist, E-commerce Specialist, Experts in Analysis and Development and Industry 4.0, Digital Venture Strategist, Marketing Automation Specialist, User Experience Designer.
  • The RBS Master aims to train professionals capable of understanding the strategic impact of digital and its value in the business, will acquire not only technical knowledge, but also the soft skills needed to be managers capable of innovation.
  • Practical training, customization of the course through elective courses, meetings with top managers and multinationals, including Google, Microsoft, NTTDATA, HMD Global, Deloitte, EY, Sony, KPMG, Coca-Cola HBC.
  • The Master has an international scope and gives the opportunity to participate in bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Tuscany.
  • RBS offers participants a career acceleration program to improve their professional profile, as well as the opportunity to develop their own startup project through the RBS4Entrepreneurship program.

Job profiles in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation

The professional roles most in demand in the market are Social Media Advertising Specialist, E-commerce Specialist, Experts in Analytics and Development and Industry 4.0, Digital Venture Strategist, Marketing Automation Specialist, User Experience Designer and also, Digital Transformation Manager, Digital Business Manager, Media Planner, Communications Specialist, Web and Media Analyst, Media Relations Specialist and Digital PR

 “Professional roles related to Digital Transformation are those that focus on extracting and developing the value and utility of information, making business operations more responsive and effective, accelerating workforce transformation and optimization, applying a ubiquitous, multidimensional ecosystem approach to customer experience, and optimizing products, services, and experiences to deliver value to partners, customers, and employees,” says Sara Caprasecca, Professor at the Master

Our Professors’ opinion

Rome Business School meets the needs of companies with the Master in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation , offering a practical and intensive training on digital marketing to train professionals able to innovate and take advantage of new business opportunities for companies.

Valeria Santoro, Program Director of the Master in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation and Country Manager of Stocard Italy explains: “The Master aims to support graduates, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to develop and renew their skills in the 4.0 era. Focus of the master are in fact the deepening of emerging technologies and innovations in marketing and business, from design thinking to neuromarketing, and the implementation of digital strategies for business through projects supervised by experts from different sectors provided by RBS. All in a hybrid mode to accommodate different lifestyle needs.”

Digital marketing is growing at an exponential rate. By 2023, one in two companies will generate more than 40 percent of their revenue from digital products and services, and by 2022, more than half of the world’s economy is digitally based or influenced.

Despite the pandemic, the global economy remains on course for its digital destiny with 65% of global GDP already heavily digitized by 2020, and driving over $6.8 trillion in direct investment between 2020 and 2023 (IDC). Stopping is impossible:

“Those who do not learn to adapt to new business models, to the digitalization of remote processes, to customers who are more and more expert, informed and fast, are in danger of being cut off even from markets where they have been for years,” says Sara Caprasecca, Professor of the Master.

Companies cannot now ignore digital, indeed they must now more than ever invest and be ready to rethink and readjust their business in order to remain competitive in their target market and not only that, discover and seize new opportunities. Therefore, today they need and require professional figures prepared and continuously updated, professionals who are able to manage the complex and rapid changes in the digital sector.

“The most innovative and avant-garde companies have well understood that digital channels are not only a useful corporate or institutional communication tool, but are above all an evolution of sales channels and communication with their customers,” states Francesco Amendola, Professor of the Master.

How is Rome Business School responding to market needs?

Based on this awareness, RBS designed the Master in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation, which offers industry-specific knowledge, intensive and hands-on training on tools such as: SEO, SEM, Marketing Automation, Web and Omnichannel Content Distribution, Digital Customer Management, Predictive Marketing, etc. Participants study digital consumer behavior by making data analysis, developing strategies to optimize customer engagement and business cases together with top managers, professionals and international experts. Let’s see the peculiarities of the Master in detail.

  • Elective Courses: RBS allows students to customize training courses according to personal interest by offering a choice of 15 elective courses, including Data-Driven Decision Making, Agile Project management, Corporate Fintech, Neuromarketing and Big Data & Analytics in Business.

  • Practical skills and networking: The Master is designed to ensure the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge easily transferable and useful on a daily basis for companies and multinationals and has been developed in fact with the contribution of CEOs and managers of multinational companies part of the Corporate Advisory Board of RBS, formed by representatives of Microsoft, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, HMD Global, Sony, Oracle, Coca-Cola HBC, Mercedes-Benz, Procter and Gamble, NTTDATA, among others. This collaboration allows Rome Business School to offer quality content in tune with the needs of today’s businesses and to improve the employability of its students. Thanks to the Practice Lab created in partnership with Publicis Media, students will be able to create their own digital marketing campaigns by managing real budgets on multiple platforms. In addition, this Master also closes with the Capstone Project, in which students will develop a new technological solution for a business problem in the area of digital marketing. Also, through the “Look & Touch Company Visits”, each student will have the opportunity to meet top managers and professionals with whom to deepen the operations of various companies in Italian and international markets.

  • Career: Rome Business School offers participants the Career Acceleration Programme. Participants will be able to come into direct contact with top companies, meet recruiters through dedicated seminars, networking events and workshops including the RBS Career Fair and Talent Focus. Based on Rome Business School’s experience across the entire Master and MBA offering, on average RBS students experience an average salary increase rate of 34% upon completion of the program and 92% receive new job offers. In addition, with the RBS4Enterpreneurship program, RBS’s business incubator, the school supports students in launching new startups. The program has proven to be a real success, able to boost the entrepreneurship of its students: currently 20% of RBS graduates are entrepreneurs.

  • Internationality: In addition to immersion in the ecosystem of the most international business school in Italy, students can participate in international bootcamps in Silicon Valley, Paris (in partnership with EDC Paris Business School), Rome and Barcelona (in partnership with EAE Business School) and in Tuscany (in partnership with Castello Volognano).

 “We are very proud of the Master in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation – says the Dean of Rome Business School, Antonio Ragusa. It is in fact a training program that is decidedly avant-garde compared to all national and international standards, able to provide skills that are truly useful and spendable in the world of work. The value of the Master is not limited to the excellent didactic contents, but to an integrated set of benefits and services made available to students. All this makes the Master the ideal path for all those who are interested in excelling as managers and entrepreneurs in digital marketing and digital transformation”.