Achieving your goals: best practices to succeed

Everyone has a goal that that they dream to achieve, but something usually gets in the way of actually accomplishing it.

Although life tends to stop one’s plans and projects with unforeseen events, it’s actually your own mind that turns out to be your worst enemy, allowing you to create infinite excuses that inevitably put on hold whatever you were trying to accomplish. But things don’t have to go this way. Your mind can also be your greatest ally, and we can support it with a list of ideas and best practices that can help you unlock your full potential. 

1. Put down a list of your fears, not your goals  

Think about what you’re putting on hold until the “right moment” comes, what is holding you back and what scares you, then lay down a list of the worst things that might happen if you fail. Once you’re done, think about what you’ll do if they happen and how you could prevent them. This practice is the ideal solution to break the cycle of self-paralysis. 

2. It’s not “fine.” 

More often than not your goals are on hold because of your tendency to use the cursed word: “fine”. It tricks you into thinking that unpleasant circumstances — feeling unfulfilled at work, not being able to get fit, having a failing relationship — are good enough, and you don’t need to take action and change them. Snap out of it: don’t settle for “fine”, aim for “awesome”.

3. Be curious towards your challenges 

Another subtle and dangerous tendency is giving in to the part of you that would rather chill out and enjoy some leisure time than put an effort in pursuing your goal. Don’t fight it, examine it. The best way to fight distraction I through curiosity. When you feel the need to postpone your goals, wonder why this is the case, and analyze what your feeling. The answer you’ll give yourself might be the motivation you need to keep going on. 

4. Success can also be partial 

A good shot doesn’t always have to hit bull’s eye — you can come close to a victory without fully reaching it. Those experiences are to cherish, because they are a testimony to your hard work and a push to improve and always aim views. 

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