Master’s program and Career

Why to choose a Master program 

The benefits of earning a Master are countless. A Master helps you in gaining specialized knowledge and gives you a more in-depth understanding of your personal competencies and career focus in order to grow in your specific field. This specific knowledge increases your proficiency in a particular discipline, which gives you an advantage at a time when many employers are raising their educational requirements for emergingpositions. As the labor market evolves, a specialized Master shows how focused you are on enhancing yourindustry expertise and credibility.

Earning a Master gives you a more in-dept understanding of your specialty and career focus. It provides you with expertise and credibility in a particular field allowing you to have more freedom to move and grow in that particular environment. A post graduate education increases your proficiency in a particular discipline, which gives you an advantage at a time when many employers are raising their educational requirements for emerging position, giving you the chance to become competitive on the market. A master’s degree is an investment in your financial future. It usually open pathways into more employment opportunities in higher education and studently to a salary raise. 

Rome Business School gives you the chance to further immerse yourself into a specific industry, after university you can decide to fulfill your general education requirements focusing into a selected filed of studies, getting a better understanding of how to narrow down the path you want to pursue. Although your individual identity consists of far more than your education level or career, a master’s degree is certainly an achievement of which you should be proud of. When you earn a graduate degree, you have also earned additional value and credibility that invites a high level of respect. A master degree can highlight your confidence in your ability to complete what you’ve started and to move into higher or leadership positions. 

92% Rome Business School’s Students received a job offer after the competition of their Master while 72% of them managed to increase their salary after the competition of their studies. 77% of them have applied the competencies acquired from the Master into their current position; 77% improved their decision-making capabilities; 68% increased their professional responsibilities after the master moving to managerial and leadership positions.

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