A Master to improve your career path

Earning an advanced degree can serve as a stepping stone to new opportunities within your organization or to get your dreamed position. Many professionals find that their master’s degrees have helped them to get ahead at work and contributed to their long-term career success. A master’s degree shows employers that you hold a high level of professionality, commitment and expertise in a precise field. Relevant Master’s degree programs focus on developing critical leadership and management abilities, which are equally as important as specialized skills and knowledge.

1. MBA

If you want to rise up your leadership position consider an MBA, a Master in Business Administration. Unlike a master’s degree the MBA is a leadership degree that allows you to gain fundamental business knowledge and understand the role of a manager in helping businesses gain a competitive edge.

2. Master in Project Management

Project management is a valuable business skill, and one that can set you apart from the competition for leadership and management roles. Additionally, earning an advanced degree in project management can help you prepare for industry-recognized certifications, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA), which further differentiate you in the workforce.

3. Master in Data Science 

Today’s businesses and organizations are collecting and producing more data than ever before. That data is valuable, and someone who knows how to make sense of it can help uncover inefficiencies and make strategic decisions for business growth. As a result, more and more employers are looking for industry-experienced professionals who have data analysis capabilities. An Master in Data Analytics helps you develop the skills you need to advance in business analytics-related roles – a highly desirable and fast-growing discipline.

Remember that these are only some example paths to follow, you can as well tailor your education to match your passions and specific career goals. A well-rounded master’s program will help you develop core leadership skills and specialized knowledge – the recipe for a successful career.

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