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The Rome Business School MBA is among the best in the world according to the CEO Magazine ranking

The international newspaper CEO Magazine has rated the two Rome Business School MBAs among the best in the world: Tier 1 for the International MBA and 18th in Europe and 33rd globally for the International Online MBA , certifying the excellence of the Business School in the MBA offering and once again confirming its positioning among the best players in the high education sector in Italy. Only 2 Business Schools in Italy classified: Rome Business School and POLIMI.

  • The International MBA achieves Tier One and the Online MBA reaches 33rd place in the world. The Business School is the only Business School in Italy, together with POLIMI, to enter the two rankings.
  • Particularly positively evaluated: the internationality of the class and the faculty, the professionalism and expertise of the teaching staff, the personalization of the path by the students and their placement rate, in addition to the exchange programs abroad offered by the two MBAs.
  • CEO Magazine, a prestigious international magazine, evaluated 239 MBA programs in 24 countries of the best Business Schools around the world, analyzing them in 3 macro areas: training offer, faculty, students.

What is CEO Magazine?

CEO Magazine, a distinguished international newspaper, is a point of reference for students and professionals in the field of education, and has been classifying institutions around the world for over 10 years. The objective of CEO Magazine is to provide students through impartial analyses, articles, interviews, and rankings with the right tools to best orient themselves in their educational choice, and to be able to select the business school best suited to their professional needs and aspirations.

Evaluation Criteria

CEO Magazine in fact carefully evaluates the best business schools in the world, judging them from different aspects. The quality of teachers is a crucial factor, considering both their academic preparation and professional experience, to guarantee a high level of education. The student-teacher relationship is considered equally important, since adequate class sizes, time and availability of teachers favor personalized assistance and a better learning experience. Furthermore, CEO Magazine studies the internationalization of institutions , taking into consideration the diversity of students and the study and work opportunities offered abroad. The value of the MBA versus its cost is analyzed to ensure that students get an adequate return on investment in terms of professional growth and career opportunities. Finally, international accreditations are considered a sign of quality and high academic standards, a further tool for evaluating the excellence of the institution.


Both Rome Business School MBAs were evaluated particularly positively with regards to: the internationality of the class and the faculty, professionalism and expertise of the teaching staff , the personalization of the path by the student and their placement rate , in addition to the exchange abroad offered by the two MBAs : the Bootcamp in Barcelona is an integral part of the MBA created in collaboration with the EAE Business School, and the other optional international exchange programs. The recognition from CEO Magazine adds to the ASFOR accreditation for the two MBAs, the most important reference body in Italy for evaluating excellence in post-graduate and executive education training courses .

International MBA: Career Prospects

The weight of the impact on the career on the ranking is important. In fact, MBA students have a career service designed specifically to help them achieve their professional goals: the Career Propeller , where dedicated tutors guide them in the development of specific skills to become responsible and dynamic leaders , capable of generating an impact. positive and transformative. Furthermore, the student can personalize his path by choosing one of the specializations in Big Data, Finance, Marketing, as well as being able to opt between different electives courses including circular economy and sustainability, doing business in Asia, big data, agile project management. 62% of students today work outside Italy, 93% do so for a multinational, with a 23% increase in salary one year after completing their studies, making the MBA one of the most profitable paths offered by Rome Business School.


We express great satisfaction for our brilliant positioning at a global, European and Italian level” , states Antonio Ragusa , Dean of Rome Business School . “ This result testifies to our incessant commitment to constantly improve the quality of our Masters and MBAs. Being classified as Tier One globally for our International MBA and ranking 33rd globally for the International Online MBA is a testament to the excellence of our team and our faculty who accompany our students to realize their professional and human potential.”


Rome Business School MBAs are designed for leaders who want to enhance their capabilities with a data-driven approach and creativity . It is for innovative, growth-oriented minds, ready to drive change, transform businesses and people, to generate a radical impact in today’s business world ,” says Antonio Scialletti Program Director of the International MBA.


The success achieved by Rome Business School in the CEO Magazine Ranking reflects the commitment dedicated to guaranteeing students academic excellence which once again confirms Rome Business School among the leading institutions in the national and international educational panorama, also in the MBA offering.