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RBS’ Impact: March 2024

89 of RBS’ students changed their professional future and were placed in March in companies such as KPMG, Philip Morris, Dazn
digital innovation programs for millennials businesses at Rome Business School

This Blog news explains the results of the Career Center and Entrepreneurship activity carried out during the month of March. In total, 89 of our students were placed having a professional impact. Moreover, our students this last month had the opportunities to take part to:

  • 4 Company meeting (AMEX, Intersos, Teatro Olimpico, La Biennale di Venezia)
  • 9 Company Visits (Tableau, RINA, Christie’s, Adecco, Ocean Sole, Wylab, Intelligentiatie, Elan Shultz)
  • 1 Business Practice Lab (Digital Angels)
  • 1 Pitch Day

The Career Center help RBS Students to be ready to enter the job market, developing the right knowledge, providing the market insights and tools that they need to pursue a successful career in a specific industry. With the support of the Career Service the student can define the career path, develop a strategy, hone the self presentation skills, and sharpen the CV. Moreover, through the Career Center students have access to exclusive tools including a job portal, expert mentoring, consulting training, career targeting, and presence optimization. It provides everything the student needs to fulfil the aspirations, helping to make the most of the knowledge and capabilities of each of them. You can learn more about our Career Center and our Masters.

Now thanks to RBS partners and the Career Center, 89 of our students have the opportunities to continue develop their skills, to put competences in practice and the possibility to growth professionally in companies such as: Dazn, MCDonald’s, KPMG, Spazio57, Randstad, Credem, Philip Morris, Ozamba Group, Codeme, Sodexo, Beeline Group, Galleria Cabaret Voltair, Accademia Italiana.


Meet the students: discover their path and follow their advice!

Federico Bocchini, now IT Manager in the Bank & Financial sector

Federico, student of the International MBA, explained his career path, all that his MBA helped him in achieving, providing great tips to other students.

I started my career tackling operational and consulting activities at different clients in a variety of industries, encountering a wide range of needs related to information technology.

Throughout my career, I focused my expertise on complex M&A projects, leveraging these opportunities to implement advanced technology solutions. These improvements have significantly optimized the operational efficiency of companies involved in integration and renewal processes.

The decision to pursue an MBA at RBS was driven by a desire to gain a comprehensive view of the business in order to use technology to implement significant improvements in each business area.

The MBA at RBS was a genuine turning point in my career, allowing me to further develop leadership skills that are critical to my current position.

The topics covered during the MBA provided me with the tools to manage complex projects, structure my ideas and proposals in an organized manner, and deepen my appreciation of every aspect of work and project.

Looking ahead, my career goal is to become Chief Information Officer. This vision has been strongly influenced by the experience and skills developed at RBS. For students and colleagues embarking on an MBA path, I would like to share some key advice:

  • Always challenge yourself. Despite my goal of becoming a CIO, I keep myself open to challenges and opportunities.
  • Build a strong network: Connections are vital. Connect with colleagues, professors, industry professionals, consultants, vendors and partners. They will be critical to your career and will always be your north star even in the darkest of times.
  • Be proactive: Take the initiative in your learning and career path. Although your ideas may not always be accepted, they will demonstrate your motivation and constantly challenge you.

I thank Rome Business School for an outstanding educational opportunity that has contributed significantly to my career path. I could not have made a better choice.