Who will go to the incubation phase?

RBS4Entrepreneurship – 10 selected projects

We all know which are the 10 selected programs that our Commission members are currently evaluating. Only 5 of them will have access to the incubation phase. We would like to thank again all the participant that presented their innovative ideas, aimed to revolutionize the society and to improve the world life quality.

Let’s go through them once again:


Discover, nourish, develop your hidden creative potential. An “Edutainment” and multi-subject app which will guide on how to get the most out of your free time through art and culture. “Colette” offers people a way out of their old unhealthy habits. Teach them to have a healthier, more productive, and joy fuller life by simply learning how to get in touch with their creative selves. Colette challenge to think critically and creatively, and to bring people in touch with their inner child.” The App tackles adult needs in cultural experience through the power of reading, dancing, listening and drawing.

Break the Silence

Break the silence is a background app that aims to ease communication in case of emergency through a voice command, without using the device. In Italy 31,5% of women have been victims of violence during their lives. Break the silence is an App that wants to change this terrifying reality, that is growing day by day, in a silent mode, BTS gets in action simply by recognizing a specific word or voice. “HELP US TO BREAK THE SILENCE!!!”


ShowUp is the answer for actors. Our company is specialized in filming high quality scenes for creating acting showreels.


In a world where getting around is basically complex, fragmented, unsustainable and expensive we offer a smart way to optimize mobility and solve its endemic problems: the community mobility sharing. A smart way to optimize mobility and solve its endemic problems. Saving time is the key, 10 hr saved per month by users. Saving money is the main benefit, from 2000euro to 10.000 euro per car. Sustainability, is the support that Leap gives to the society, electric vectors vs. fuel engine. Build the very first sustainable and multimodal mobility ecosystem in the world!

Darns Agribusiness

The Idea is to provide financing by having each customer make a minimum required deposit for three consecutive months and then qualify to borrow up to 5 times the deposit size while earning Interest. Small scale farmers to secure innovative finance and business management support to enable them conduct Agribusiness.


Tasia is a Philippine-based clothing brand that utilizes sustainable & indigenous materials and provides custom-made and ready-to-wear products that empower professional men and women. Investing with Tasia means: be one of the pioneering companies in sustainability of South Asia, help improving the life quality of Asian minorities, help Philippines to enter in the fashion retail industry.

Let’s Talk

It’s a mobile application that will help speaking and hearing impaired people to be able to communicate with other by the use of AI tech to convert sign language into vocal message and vice versa. Let’s Talk is a Mobile app that facilitate the communication between hearing and speaking impaired people and others AI used to convert sign language into a vocal message and vice versa.


VENDNFI is an App that provides high speed, reliable and secure WiFi at public locations through vending machines which will accept all modes of payment and an interface for the user to authenticate Hotspot. Fast, Secure and reliable hotspot integrated with a Vending Machine with additional features like weighing scale, charging socket and digital screen for advertisement. Interface for User to Authenticate Hotspot

Derma Dog

Derma Dog is a tele-health app dedicated to the care of dermatological conditions of dogs. Through it Specialist veterinary doctors will solve challenging cases using telemedicine. Derma Dog Telehealth is a tool dedicated to dermatological care of dogs, virtual visits patients can receive quality virtual care, support and guidance by a specialist veterinary dermatologist from anywhere. In clinic care, referral for onsite Derma Dog clinic visit is made when virtual care is not suitable. Support & guidance Support is provided to general practitioners and patients embarking on different diagnostic journey. Nutrition plans will be also available.


The business idea is to develop a powerful web-based application for different insurance solution providing all-inclusive digital transformation tools for insurance professionals. Develop a powerful web-based application for different insurance solution. Provide all-inclusive digital transformation tools. Supply knowledge and tools to assess & manage customers’ risks by issuing the correct documentation. Create an Academy in which help professionals to growth up their business and create a new “healthy insurance culture”.

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