Virtual Company visit with Canon: Innovation & Key Trends in the B2B

RBS Students had the opportunity to meet Giuseppe D’Amelio, Director Marketing and Innovation DP & S at Canon.

Canon is a leading technology company founded in Japan in 1937. The company has more than 182,000 employees in its manufacturing and marketing facilities spread across Japan, America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Kyosei is the name of the corporate philosophy behind the brand, business and sponsorship activities. The Japanese term means “living and working together for the common good,” an ethical principle shared by all Canon employees. This philosophy guides Canon’s mission, values, relationship with employees, and conduct of business.

Main topics covered:

  • Introduction to the world of Canon and the 4 Business Groups.
  • What does it means Innovation for Canon, R&D and Innovation Centers.
  • Key Trend in the B2B and how the Canon Offering can address them.
  • Deep dive in the Hybrid Workspace and Total Experience (TX) strategy.
  • A look to the future
  • Giuseppe D’Amelio Career path

Giuseppe D’Amelio has been explaining that Canon has in the imaging its core purpose since its foundation in 1934, in these almost 90 years we have maintained a market leadership mainly thanks to the innovation behind our products. Innovation has been determined by the excellence of the R&D, in fact they have 11 R&D Center worldwide to which Canon dedicates every Year about 8% of its global Revenue.

Part of the meeting was focused on key trends in the B2B market, such as:

  • Hybrid Workspace, the Workspace as concept is changing becoming fluid with the emergence of 4 hubs: Office, Co-Coworking, Home Working and Mobility.
  • Total Experience (TX) and Mass Personalization is changing the Value Chain of several Industries, with completely new Customer Journeys.
  • The usage of exponential technologies that converge to create innovative products on the benefit of society.

According to Giuseppe D’Amelio: “The world if fast changing, the key for a Long Lasting Brand like Canon with almost 90 years in the global market, is to find innovative and creative ways to have a key role in the value chain of companies belonging to various industrial sectors”.

Many thanks to Giuseppe D’amelio, also CAB Member of Rome Business School for such an interesting debate.

Meet Giuseppe D’Amelio

Giuseppe D’Amelio is responsible for creating development and strategic transformation plans to support business growth, as well as brand awareness initiatives

At Canon since 2015, Giuseppe D’Amelio has led the development of the Information Management area, introducing a strategic approach combined with innovative sales, governance and service delivery methodologies to businesses. Giuseppe’s career is characterized by a 20-year professional path undertaken in different markets and sectors, during which he has held leadership and managerial roles of increasing responsibility in leading consulting and services companies. His experience, accompanied by the major changes of the digital era, has enabled him to successfully address and manage the growth and strategic transformation of several organizations. Now, as DS Marketing Director, D’Amelio will be responsible for creating development and strategic transformation plans to support the growth of Canon’s DS business in the new market environment, as well as brand awareness initiatives to support the innovation and digital transformation needs of customers and partners.

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