Turning crisis into opportunity: a perspective for Business Leaders

The main topic of the lesson given by Antonio Ragusa Founder and Dean of Rome Business School and Capt. V. J. Pushpakumar Dean of the Indian Institute of Logisitc.

A few weeks ago, in connection between Rome and Chennai, our students of the Executive Masters in Marketing and Sales and Human Resource Management together with the students of the Global MBA in partnership with IIL (Indian Institute of Logistics) attended a lesson about the opportunities driven by the Pandemic Crisis that the world is leaving nowadays.

The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic have been felt both at a health and an economic level, highlighting problems of the economic and health systems but also bringing to light new and revolutionary systems improvement solutions. During the lesson we talked specifically about the solutions deriving from this global emergency, deriving from the identification of a need and the creation of a solution to satisfy it, implementing different areas and sectors of the business, from the pharmaceutical one, to the mobility sector, to the education, entertainment services to industries, the environment and sustainability.

As the effects of the pandemic will be felt in the long term, in the same way all the solutions and innovations created in order to contrast it, will sign the beginning of a new era in many sectors both in business but also in education and personal relationships.

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