Interactive Webinar – May 28, 2020 Corporate Leadership and Strategy during COVID – 19 Crisis

Rome Business SchoolMHR Group International and the School of Business of the Belarusian State University would like to invite you to join their first interactive online Webinar, next 28 May 2020

Corporate Leadership and Strategy during COVID – 19 Crisis

At 4pm Italian Time, the three representatives of the different schools will connect to discuss live: Dr. Irena Mamonova, MBA Program Director of the School of Business of Belarusian State University will talk about “Leadership in Crisis Time” from Minsk; Dr. Antonio Ragusa, Founder and Dean of the Rome Business School, will then face the issue on “Turning Crisis into Business Opportunity” from Rome; lastly, the event organizer Dr. Hassan Al Nouri, Chief International Expert of the MHR Group International, will comment on solutions by “Strategy Adjustments” from Damascus.

The webinar will be hosted on ZOOM platform, from three different cities at the same time: Rome, Minsk and Damascus. Limited seats available!

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The webinar is open to all our students, faculty, staff and partners.

The COVID-19 pandemic has already had a dramatical impact on the world economy causing GDP losses and a decrease of global economic growth. Join the discussion between 3 international experts about Strategic Leadership, not only to survive the Covid-19 crisis but mostly to get advantage from it developing solutions for a more innovative and ethic future.

Together to find greater solutions!

If you are a Leader during this humanitarian and economic crisis, you are being tested as never before. Society needs its business leaders to show great sense of community and compassion fast to collaborate and not compete.

Choose vulnerability over invincibility, in a period of crisis we need leaders to be brave enough to show their own vulnerability to demonstrate care, this is not time for invincibility. In the face of COVID – 19 none of us is invincible. We need leaders who will dare to be vulnerable and show how much they care – individually and collectively. Ironically, in moments of crisis, what organizations need most is to feel the presence and the very essence of their leaders, let your team feel, really feel your leadership! Legacies will be made or lost over the coming months; how you show up is critical!

Embrace the challenge to meet society’s needs, own purpose during and long after the crisis. This is also the best way to attract, motivate and retain rare talent. Purpose helps leaders both to manage in the here and now, to stay true to playing the long game and to serve its communities, employees, and mostly the planet.

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