Tips to get you started as we move closer to the re-opening of all the activities!

It is now about two months since the world has stopped and we have been locked-down to our homes, the days seem to blur and fade in together.  But keep up and stay tuned as there is a first light of hope on the horizon. We are getting closer to a total re-opening of all business activities and to some sort of ordinary life.   It is now time to begin to prepare ourselves to get back on track. 

Start making plans and take action, one tiny step at a time.

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll wait until things get better!

Hesitation will not change anything—only proactive actions will! There is nothing to gain by being stuck on your thoughts, start to activate yourself with small little steps, start with tipping your toe into the water to then go swimming later.

Prepare a plan of attack

Create a job search game plan, organize your actions.  You can write them down or use one of the many planning tools that you can find on the web. You can start by updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. Then, contact some recruiters who are specialized in your field of interest, search for job announcements and apply only to the ones closest to your interest and qualifications. Practice your elevator pitch and interview competencies with someone you trust. Gain confidence with Zoom and other online video technologies, these represent the most common tools that companies will be using to interview for the next future.

Things might be tough

Focus on taking care of yourself both on an emotional and physical sphere.  We’re all going through a difficult time. The fear of what can and is going to happen next is tangible so you might feel a little bit more emotionally fragile. While looking for a job you need to keep yourself focused while mentally and physically in shape. 

It is easy during this period to let go to thoughts such as “why me?” and “what did I do wrong?”, especially in front of a rejection.  Remember that it is not about you, and that we are going through this together. The key is to keep taking care of your self-confidence.

Never doubt about yourself! 

Be honest about your weak spots, so you know what to improve

Reach out to a trusted friend or a career coach to give you honest and constructive feedbacks.  We are all good at some things and pretty bad at other things. The trick is to focus on your core strengths and abilities. When it comes to your weaknesses, don’t be afraid to seek out assistance from others. 

You may need someone to help you improve your communication skills or the way you present yourself for an interview.   Seek advice from an expert, a person who can review your resume and help you clear out any of your self-doubts and improve your ability to stand out among the on-line social media job tools. 

Remember that Rome Business School’s Career Services department is always available to assist you!

Find a strong reason to drive your actions! 

Working to achieve a meaningful goal is easier when there is an important reason behind it.

You will find out that going after a meaningful ambition makes you tenacious and fearless of any rejection.  It could be your desire to build and guarantee a better life for your family or a goal you have always wanted to achieve like working for a specific company or aiming at promotion to a higher qualified position, experiencing a new country for new professional or just personal life opportunities. 

When you do things for others that are bigger than yourself, you can achieve greatness and overcome all of the obstacles along your path. It will not be easy but with a game plan set, you will be ahead of the curve, so don’t be afraid to start fighting your battle!

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