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The Rome Business School visits two leading companies: AGI and Birra Peroni

On the 26th of February, the Rome Business School gave its students the opportunity to visit two renowned international companies: the AGI (the Italian press agency) and the Birra Peroni brewers. The main objective of these visits was to provide students with the experience of getting acquainted with companies that are leaders of their respective sectors, meeting top-managers and understanding complex international organizations.

In the morning, the students made their visit at the BirraPeroni  brewery; they were welcomed by the HR director in a stylish conference room. Peroni is the trademark of the Italian lager produced by the brewery of the same name founded in 1846 by Giovanni Peroni. Since 1864, it has been based in Rome and is currently owned by the SABMiller brewing group. It was a very involved and interactive meeting during which many topics were covered, such as the company’s mission, mentality, strong points, overall organization and marketing strategies. The company’s International dimension took centre stage in the discussion and audience interest through an analysis of the global market and of the opportunities it currently offers. Then, the students were given a tour through all the phases of the brewing process, from fermentation to bottling. They asked questions, took some pictures and finally enjoyed a good drink together!

In the afternoon, the Rome Business School visited the AGI (the Italian press agency), to get to know the leading bureau in managing and sharing information in Italy. The bureau employs over 100 reporters and journalists and handles over 1,000 news items daily through its 16 offices in Italy and one in Brussels. For the last 50 years, the bureau has been charged with filtering and providing verified information as quickly as possible. We received a warm welcome from the chief editor, who showed the students around the office, visiting all the news desks (economy, world, finance, politics, entertainment, reporting, etc.) to experience the management of the information flow on a global scale through the acquisition, verification and publishing processes.

With this opportunity, the Rome Business School provided its students with an experience that will enrich their professional and cultural development leading to a managerial training of excellence.