The Rome Business School visits the Capitoline Museums

An initiative within the framework of the Rome Business School’s exclusive programme aimed at learning and doing business through art

In the wake of the success of the previous editions, the Rome Business School’s “LeArn To” cultural programme called been renewed.

Through this unique programme, the Rome Business School intends to use the rich training potential of art as a means to remove barriers and stereotypes, as a way to facilitate communication, to develop creativity and as an opportunity for personal and collective insights. Methods that bring about learning through art make it possible to access knowledge through the exploration of new and original perspectives and entering into a relationship with others in a considerate, unique and, most of all, entrepreneurial fashion.

The origins of the Capitoline Museums can been traced back to 1471, when Pope Sixtus IV donated a group of bronze statues of great symbolic value to the People of Rome. The collections are closely linked to the city of Rome, from where most of the exhibits come from. The setting for the Museums is among the best in the city, located as they are on the evocative Piazza del Campidoglio, at the heart of Rome.

During the visit, the students had the chance to see masterpieces of great historical and artistic value, such as imperial bronze statues, frescoes, bas-reliefs and portraits of the most influent historical characters in the history of Rome and of the world.

The “LeArn To” spring 2014 schedule includes some of the most interesting events and visits offered by the artistic and cultural scene of the eternal city.

The final aim of these events is to consolidate managerial competencies through new approaches, capable of providing the students with an aesthetic, ethical, creative and value oriented component that can represent the distinctive trait of a successful business.

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