The Rome Business School and Manpower: a cooperation agreement for career-service

Customized vocational guidance services, internships and job opportunities for the Rome Business School’s students.

On Tuesday the 14th of April 2015, the Rome Business School – the international managerial training and research institute of excellence – and Manpower – a world leader in innovative workforce solutions – reached an important agreement aimed at further developing the professional growth services dedicated to the school’s students.

Pursuant to this agreement, Manpower will henceforth carry out Internship and Job Placement activities for the Rome Business School’s Master’s degree course students. This will contribute to the institute’s career services continuing improvement in line with the high quality standards that distinguish every aspect of its teaching and ancillary services in support of the students’ professional development.

Manpower will support and assist the Rome Business School’s students with various steps that range from writing their C.V. to finding internships and job leads to access the job market. This activity is exclusively reserved for the Rome Business School’s students and is aimed at combining their study courses with the profiles sought by Manpower’s network Partners.

The candidates put forward by the Rome Business School at the beginning of the Master’s degree courses will be taken on by Manpower and lead on a personalized career guidance path. This path, guaranteed to all students, will be aimed at the identification of possible job opportunities with Business Partners, in such professional areas as marketing, communication, sales, human resources, finance, accounting, project management, economics, and other managerial contexts.

In consideration of the internationality and multiculturalism that distinguish the Rome Business School’s students, the job placement services will be provided both in Italian and English based upon each candidate’s needs.

The Rome Business School’s career services are unique and integrated, and provide students with a competitive edge in the job market on an international scale. With its outstanding performance support structure, tailored to the needs of each individual student, the Rome Business School boasts a percentage of 94% of its students being employed within six months of completing their studies.


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