The benefits of obtaining a CAPM® Certification

Ever wondered about the pivotal role played by this renowned certification in boosting one’s career in project management? Find out in this insight!

Rome, September 16th 2019

The CAPM® is a world-renowned entry-level certification for project practitioners, providing deep knowledge and a diverse skill set in project management and improving the status of anyone obtaining it in this prestigious and requested field. Needless to say, it complies with the standards of the official Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

But what exactly are the benefits of obtaining this certification in boosting someone’s career as a project manager?

  • Knowledge and understanding

First of all, managing to get a CAPM® Certification provides a practitioner indispensable and precious knowledge of best-practices and know-hows in this complex business area. Preparing for the certification means undergoing thorough training aimed at obtaining skills and proficiency in project management, investing in one’s self-development as a professional meant to comply with the standards and ethics of this industry.

  • Confidence and credibility

More than just knowledge: attending a preparation course for the CAPM® Certification and obtaining the said title dramatically improves the manager’s status in this community, identifying her or him as a certified professional, thus increasing one’s credibility and confidence as a project manager and as a manager in general

  • New Job opportunities and salary improvement

As a direct consequence of the improvement of one’s professional background as a project manager, obtaining a CAPM® Certification means having access to new and better job opportunities, revolutionizing one’s professional profile and, since the manager’s credentials will comply with the Project Management Institute’s standards, the chance to aim at better-paid position and having a high return of investment on the time, effort and resources spent on obtaining this certification.

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