Talking with International Industries

Current and future business trends

How to enter the job environment and make a difference? 

Let’s discover it with Rome Business School by “Talking with International Industries”

Rome Business School in collaboration with some of the biggest Italian multinational companies operating worldwide, organized a series of talks and Q&A sessions regarding the latest market trends, strategies, innovation and technologies that are currently driving the international market and will change it in the next future, especially after the latest 2020 events.

The today’s world is changing faster than ever before, following and adapting to these changes will help business and individuals to keep being relevant and resilient on the worldwide market, tailoring their strategies and action on always more ethical and sustainable models.

Rapid technological innovations are also making it crucial for everyone to adopt new forms of technology and business tools that will help industries to become more productive and reachable. The extensive dependance from digital solutions to bring customers into the mainstream will also open new opportunities for organization to pursue innovative strategies of development.

“We will create contacts with industries and our future business talents to better responds to the demands of the companies and tailor their potential on the current market challenges. – Rome Business School.

With the global socio-economic crisis due to COVID-19, most businesses are adapting to the changing ecosystem brought up by the pandemic to remain resilient. In this context, we are already seeing major shifts in consumer behaviour and business models. Companies, be it tech or non-tech, big or large, all are now turning and encouraging to remote working realizing that taking the right actions will help them to stand up in the new normality and why not, to create new working trends.

Thinking strategically and futuristically will support companies and individuals to evolve, while embracing longer-term innovation will have a significant influence on psychological and economic dimensions and will encourage leaders to look forward to analyse what is required to meet changing demands. 

Another main topic discussed during the international Industry Trends, is certainly sustainability. To reimage business in this new society, companies must embrace it. Customers now, care always more about actingresponsibly by considering their social and environmental impact. Therefore, enterprises are required to upgrade their strategies and shift their focus from product-centric to customer-centric. To do that leveraging digital technologies such as AI, Big Data, Analytics and IoT, among others, will significantly be impactful in helping companies to get closer to their people and adapting to this NEW normality.

Be innovative, be sustainable and be digital to be close to people within the next future.

This is the key formula to drive changes to bring new opportunities and develop better business solution. During the “International Industries Talk” we will get the chance to view how different business models are or will be adapted to a wide range of market areas, asking directly to some executive representative how they feel, while facing the challenges that the NEW normality iinvolves and what are the opportunities that they are taking form them.

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